History of globalization

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  • 1200

    Chinese Merchant Trading

    Large Chinese fleets trade between SouthEast Asia, India, East Africa, and the Middle East
  • 1440

    Creation of the Printing Press

    The creation of the printing press allowed for the spread of information between regions. It changed the way humans saw the world around them and influence the spread of knowledge.
  • 1492

    Christophorus Columbus Discovers America

    The beginnings of colonialism, directly influenced by the technological and monetary bounty from the fall of Granada, as well as captured Arab sailors who sailed with Columbus to regain their freedom, which was granted to them on their return to Toledo.
  • 1500

    Intercontinental 15 Trade

    Intercontinental trade enjoyed an average growth rate in this period of 1.06 percent per annum.
  • The Globalizing Decade

    A knowledge revolution, mapping, surveying, and classifying the world. During this decade, there was also renewed commercial expansion and further imperialist expansion.
  • Creation of Stream Train

    The creation of the stream train made it possible to trade materials faster as well as letting humans move from one place to another faster. It helped advance the economies of the world.
  • World War I

    The first large-scale war involving nations on a global scale.
  • World War II

    Invention of Rocket Propulsion A period of intense technological development. Rocket technology allows space travel and the introduction of satellites.
  • Creation of United Nations

    The creation of the United Nations in 1945 showed connections and interdependence between the economies of the world. It allowed for the promotion of institutions.
  • Creation of the World Wide Web

    The creation of the World Wide Web in 1991 allowed for humans all around the world to connect via on the web. It was used as a connection to keep information spreading and for communication between people.