History of Santa Anna California

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In History
  • Expedition of Gaspar de Portola to Mexico

    He went to Mexico City capitol of new Spain.
  • Mexican independence

    Mexican independence
    to 1810,1821 Jose antonio Yarba a sergeant of the spanisharmy,was granted the called rancho santiago de santa anna
  • after the mexican(american war)

    after the mexican(american war)
    the mexican(american war)ended in 1848,alta california became part of united states and american sattlers arrived in these area
  • the Orange Country

    the Orange Country
    claimed in 1869 by Kentuckian William H. Spurgeon on land obtained from the descendents of Jose Antonio Yorba. Santa Ana Was incorporated as a city in 1886 with a population of 2000 and in 1889 became the seat of the newly formed Orange Country
  • Pacific Electric Railway

    Pacific Electric Railway
    By 1906 the Pacific Electric Railway from Los Angeles was extended to Santa Ana, running along Fourth Street Downton. The "ref cars" made travel to Los Angeles easier and helped continue Santa Ana´s population boom.
  • aviation company

    aviation company
    Santa Ana was the home of the original Glenn L. Martin aviation company, founded 1912 before merging with the Wright Company in 1916
  • Santa Anna freeway

    Santa Anna freeway
    In 1950s the tracks were removed along with much of the rest of the Pacific Electric System. The closing with the opening of the Santa Ana Freeway in (1953) increasing the ease of travel by automobile
  • Chacter City since

    Chacter City since
    Having been a Charter City since November 11 1952, the citizens of Santa Ana amended the Charter November 1888 to provide fot the direct election of the Mayor who until that point had been an appointee of the Council.
  • Since in 1980

    Since in 1980
    Santa Ana has been characterized by an effort to revitalize the downtown area which had declined in influence. The Santa Ana Artist´s Village was created aroun Cal State Fullerton´s Grand Central Art Center tp attracts artists and youngprofessionals to like-work lofts and new businesses.
  • MainPlace Mall

    MainPlace Mall
    In MainPlace Mall (now Westfield MainPlace) was opened north of downtown and became a major retail center for the area.
  • Yost Theater

    Yost Theater
    The process has continued into 2009 with the reopenning of the historic Yost Theater