History of the cellphone Timeline

Timeline created by Vegas101
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  • intro to text message

    intro to text message
    Making instant messaging so that news could spread fast and others can talk through text instead of call or letters.
  • First commercial of text messaging

    showing of the new phone they made so people would want to buy it. the commercial was held in Japan tokyo.
  • the intro of cell phone fashion

    the intro of cell phone fashion
    adding style to the phones to make it look pretty or good looking. Style matters with the phones.
  • introduction to bluetooth

    introduction to bluetooth
    putting in bluetooth in the phone so that we can send things much better and faster.
  • intro to smart phone

    intro to smart phone
    This was introducing us to the touch phones and all the easier things on a smart phone.
  • combining PDA with the cellphone

    When they combined the PDA the memory went higher to 16m!! now the memory can hold way more! YAY!
  • Cell Camera

    Cell Camera
    Adding a camera so that you can photos as well! so you just take your phone instead of the camera and phone. JUST THE PHONE NOW! :D
  • The music cell phone

    The music cell phone
    Adding music to make it more succesful! they used iTunes and connected it togeather.