History Of The Libertarian Party

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  • Party Founded

    Was Formed In Westminister, CO By David Nolan, The Party Was Created On Concerns From The Vietnam War, and the end of Gold Standards.
  • First Libertarian National Convention

    This Was The First National Libertarian Convention
  • Voting For Presidential Canidates

    Presidential candidate Roger MacBride receive over 170,000 votes
  • First Libertarian state legislator.

    Dick Randolph of Alaska Became The First State Legislator Of The Libertarian Party
  • Became Known As A Third Largest Party

    After The 1980 Elections, The Libertarian Party Became Known As The Third Largest Party.
  • Voting History

    On the ballot , David Bergland and Jim Lewis come in third in the race for president for the first time in party's history
  • Alaska's New Legislature

    Andre Marrou becomes the third Libertarian elected to the Alaska legislature.
  • Libertarian Votes

    200 Candidates Recieved 2.9 Million Votes Across American
  • Candidate's Record

    receiving more than 430,000 votes, Ron Paul Was On The Ballot In 46 States And Washington DC, He Came In Third For Presidency
  • Votes For Libertarian Party

    Approximately two million people vote for LP candidates.
  • Massive Voting

    2 million people voted for the Libertarian Party candidates.
  • A Record For The Libertarian Party At This Time.

    40 People From The Libertarian Party Were Elected And Appointed In Office/
  • Regristration And Voting

    A Raise In Regrestration And Members In The Libertarian Party.
  • Ballot Status

    Became The First 3rd Party To Earn A Ballot Status In All 50 States
  • Another Record For The Libertarian Party

    39 Libertarians were elected to be in office that novermber of 1997
  • Putting In Office

    Out Of 300 Candidates For This Year About 76 Were Elected To Be In Office
  • Nominated!

    Michael Badnarik Was Elected By The Libertarian Party To Be The Presidential Canidate
  • Holding In Office

    Over 146 People In The Libertarian Party Were In Elected Office.
  • Elections!!

    Over 800 Libertarian candidates run for office in November, 38 Were Elected Or Re-elected To Public Office.
  • New Presidential Candidate For The Elections

    The Libertarian Party Nominates David Bergland As Their Presidential Candidate.