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  • The start of WWI, 0

    The start of WWI, 0
    The First World War which lasted 4 years, 3 months and 2 weeks before coming to an end. It all started by the assignation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which triggered this war. Some of the main country's that allied together were France, The British Empire and Russia. Some of the central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungry, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. One of the reasons Canada was brought into the war was because of the treaty with Britain and that is where the battle of Ypres started.
  • The battle of Ypres, -2

    The battle of Ypres, -2
    This was the first battle of the First World War which was fought around Ypres in West Flanders, Belgium. The countries that were involved in Ypres were Germany, France, Canada and Britain. Since Germany had failed to take over Ypres the first time, they sent all there troops to the Russian front. A few months later the Germans attacked Ypres again but with a different strategy this time. The first ever attack to use poison gas which successful worked on the British.
  • The battle of Somme, -2

    The battle of Somme, -2
    The battle of Somme was a battle of the First World War which was fought by the Britch Empire and the French against the German Empire. This was a very hasty battle that wounded 1 million soldiers and was a big defeat for the British. This battle took place at Picardy, Northern France and lasted from July 1st to November 18th, 1916. The British had many failures in the battle of Somme and it costed them many lives and also a lot of ground.
  • The battle of Passchendaele, -2

    The battle of Passchendaele, -2
    Know as the 3rd battle of Ypres this was a battle that pretty much never started. The fight between The British and Germans continues to fight for Ypres. In Passchendaele the conditions were so bad that people were dying from the amount of mud and all of there plans were becoming nothing because the mud stopped them from getting there supplies they need for war. The battle took place on the Western Front and the East of Ypres and was from July 31st to November 6th, 1917.
  • The last 100 days, +2

    The last 100 days, +2
    The last 100 days of Canada being in a state of war is coming to a end. This was the end to 4 years of war and in the cost of that 60,000 lives of Canadians lost there life and family fighting for there country. Through out the war there main forces were deployed in Belgium and parts of Northern France. From August 8th to November 11th ,1918 those were the final days of WWI.
  • The Winnipeg General Strike, -1

    The Winnipeg General Strike, -1
    More than 30,000 Strikers of Winnipeg hit the streets demanding for postwar labor to become better and the lack of jobs. The strikers didn't just cause the city harm but they caused them self because without there jobs they didn't get paid and people across Canada could be without something for a while. This strike lasted for 6 weeks and during those six weeks only 2 people died from that strike due to the police not losing anymore more ground and taking control of the workers.
  • The invention of the radio in Canada, +2

    The invention of the radio in Canada, +2
    Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi were the ones who invented the radio for Canada. This radio impacted so many people this created new jobs and more products to sell for stores. This was a easy way of letting Canadians know what is going on in the world/country and if there was ever a war again it would help the soldiers communicate more.
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act, 0

    The Chinese Exclusion Act, 0
    The Canadian Government passed a law to stop Chinese immigrants entering Canada. This law was supposed to make Chinese Immigrants from entering Canada and by that they started raise the price on taxes towards them. This law was passed on July 1st, 1923 and affected all of Canada.
  • The Great Crash of 1929 in Canada, -1

    The Great Crash of 1929 in Canada, -1
    Also known as Back Tuesday this was the worst stock market crash in Canadian history. All over Canada people investors lost loads of money due to this crash in the market. In Toronto and Montreal those who invested in the oil and nick market lost between 500mill dollars in total. In late October in put many Canadians in trouble with money.
  • Prime Minister R.B. Bennett, 0

    Prime Minister R.B. Bennett, 0
    R.B. Bennett was a business man and a politician which he ran for Prime Minister in the 1930's. He was Prime Minister from August 7, 1930 to October 23, 1935. He was Prime Minister during The Great Depression and also tried to help the Depression by getting a bigger trade with the United Kingdom. He was the 11th Prime Minister of Canada