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    european exploration

    The Europeans where going trying to get to other ways to found i new land and they where also trying to get more stuff to live more sires they can to far a way to get the sires some people where trying to stop them getting to sires they are trying to get there but they end up in north amicma
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    New France

    The guy that started it was Samuel De Camplian stared a cross Eastern coast in the Quebec they made people that we are going to try to help but they didn't help at all they where trying to get a lot of people so they can get more land but then they got in a war with the brith then they made a new land called England
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    New France part 2

    The have became a royal colony under the king of new France then they gave away land to people so they can farm then they haitants to farm have great time and be the first time in St.Lawrence river then they made the church Then they helped make teaching, churches and other things
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    Hudson bay

    The way you can have fun and you can have a great time you can pay clothes
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    northwest and pacific

    if you wanted a new house but someone already has a price for the house what happen with the USA and the BC they wanted to get land but the USA already said they wanted it.But the BC wanted to claim this land before they got to it but the price about this land is what they will do with all the people living in it the first nations people had no chose but to leave there land when the BC got to the land before the USA but the BC don´t want to have anything to do with the first nations so they left
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    canada west

    about the thing the under ground round and that we have tufff like lifes and other things the things with harry it brend man and like other things
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    What Shaped the Atlantic Colonies?

    The thing that made the Atlantic colonies what it is today was the trading because if they didn't trade to anyone they will not made there dance when they got new thing or something that can help it because now they are all teaching anyone how to do it because if they do not do it maybe they will not think of making anything else but the thing hat helped us has making sure not the woman does not have to do so much and were all happy and can live that live we want and we can say the word no taxs
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    residential school

    The residential school the first one that was made in Canada was in Bradford, Ont. They have made before it has closed they have put 150,000 children the schools they have been hurt for year because they always got hurt with what they called the black book but what we called the bible.They were force to learn about the bible and they are force to believe in god and if they did not leave unit they had to say they believe in god and will never believe anything else.They were so happy after