History of Early Childhood Education Researched and Created by Dominique Washington

Timeline created by domow98
  • Period:
    -5 BCE

    Histroy of Early Childhood Education

  • 1439

    Invention of Printing

    Invention of Printing
    During the Renaissance the invention of Printing and movable typing brought the end of the Middle Ages (Gordon and Browne 8)
  • Orbis Pictus

    Orbis Pictus
    The Orbis Pictus was the first childrens book with pictures created by a Czech educator named Johan Amos Comenius.
    He stated "in all the operations of nature, development is from within" (Gordon and Browne 7)
  • Sabbath and Clandestine Schools Established

    Schools in southern states of America taught slaves in the United States. The slaves learned Christianity from slaveowners, most without letters as it was against some state laws (Gordon and Browne 8)
  • Margaretha Meyer-Schurz

    Margaretha Meyer-Schurz
    Margaretha Meyer-Schurz opens the first Kindergarten in the United States in Watertown WI (Browne and Gordon 8)
  • Establishment of the childrens Bureau

    Establishment of the childrens Bureau
    Theodore Roosevelt holds the first White House conference on children in 1909
  • National Association for nursery Education Established

    Patti Smith Hill established National committee of Nursery Schools
  • USNC OMEP Established

    The United States National Committee of the World Organization for Early Childhood Education is founded with a vision of promoting education of children internationally (Gordon and Browne 10)
  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    In 1954 the U.S Supreme Court ruled "separate but equal" has no place in public education
  • ADA Act Passed

    ADA Act Passed
    The Americans with Disabilities Act is passed by Congress and mandates for programs of all sizes to care and accommodate the needs of children with disabilities (Gordon and Browne 8)
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    No Child Left Behind Act
    The Leave no child behind act is passed, requiring public schools to administer standardized testing to determine the quality of teachers. (Gordon and Browne 11)