Honesty's favorite school memories

Timeline created by 7thgradehumanities
  • First day of school

    I was very nervous but excited for school to start. I had so much fun that day because since school started late, I went to breakfast with my sister and her friends. After we went to a bowling alley/arcade until school stared. It was one of the best days ever.
  • Pig war

    Whenever we act out scenes in Mrs. Parejo's class, it is so much fun. I love being about to stand up, and be somebody else from the past. i especially loved this one because I killed the pig!
  • Tech Science doorstop

    I really enjoyed designing and creating my own doorstop. It was a little difficult, but in the end, I was proud of it.
  • Kindness door project

    The week was so fun to decorate our door with a kind quote. I was so proud that we won!
  • AVID field trip

    This day was so fun and I had a blast. We got to use our phones(not sure if I should say that) and hang out with our friends while still being educated and learning about colleges. Overall I loved the experience of college
  • First day of Pandemic awareness

    This was a very important day because it was the day I wouldn't be coming back to school until 8th grade year. At first it was exciting because it was just a break, but now it is difficult and different lifestyle.