How I Got In To Playing Sports

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  • Playing In The Backyard

    Playing In The Backyard
    I started playing basketball with my uncles in the backyard for fun. I enjoyed playing with them.
  • during 2015 When We Started Playing Football

    When we started playing football in the backyard, it was fun. We would play football in the front yard till it got dark.
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    We Started playing soccer

    We played soccer sometimes because sometimes we didn't want to play football and stuff. We kinda liked to focus on different sports and not just 1 or 2 sports sometimes.
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    Played Soccer

    We would play soccer in the backyard and in the park. I liked playing different sports with them because overall it really helped me figure out what sports I wanted to play.
  • When We Started Biking To The Basketball Court

    When We Started Biking To The Basketball Court
    By the time I got older we started biking to the basketball court near a swimming pool area in the neighborhood. It was nice to play with other people and be all cool with each other and not mind who we were going to be playing basketball with.
  • At the end of 2017

    We started playing more in the basketball park in our neighborhood and I got better and I took it more seriously than when I was younger. I was still playing for fun except I actually worked on dodging people and making shots sometimes.
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    During 2017

    We sometimes played football in the backyard and in the front yard and that's when I really started to like playing football. I loved sports and one of them was playing football and I really enjoyed that.
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    Another Part To My Decision

    P.S. if they don't make a girls team in L.A. I'll find somewhere else to play basketball and get the wnba more rates and get people to watch they're games and here their names, teams, and games while I'm walking down the street. I'm going to get more people in general to feel confident in playing basketball to the point where they want to play on live tv and be in games.
  • My Decision

    I decided to take basketball even more serious than than when I was younger and tried to fit in playing basketball in my schedule since I'm always busy doing something. Anyways, I plan to live up to playing over seas and if they make a L.A. wnba team I want to play for that team along with playing over seas.
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    All Iv'e Learned Through Growing Up

    What I've learned through growing up is that you definitely have to be careful of what you get yourself into. You don't want to be set up in something your not committed to or ready for and that's something I've just taught myself with the years of me being alive.