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  • 322

    Aristotle Death

  • 330


    He was a greek philosopher and polymath.He had to deal with the natural world.
  • 370

    Democritus Death

  • 384

    Aristotle Born

  • 460

    Democritus born

  • Oct 29, 1000


    Thought that everything in the world was made of miniture particles.It explains that everything we use and see would be made out of mini particles.It is accurate because the majority thing on earth are made up of miniture particles.The experiment is the atomic theory.
  • John Daltons Birth

  • John Dalton

    The main focus for him was that he proposed The Atomic Theory.It was about how atoms have different changes in mass.This is accurate because the scientist today still use this theory in multiple labs.It explains that the solid atoms with different propeties of masses has to deal with the atomic theory in multiple ways.
  • John Daltons death

  • Henri Becquerel Born

  • JJ Thompson Born

  • Pierre Curie Born

  • Marie curie Born

  • Robert Millikan Born

  • Pierre Curie

    He also was involved with pioneering in radioactivity and several other things.He also had other esearches like studies on magnetism and he created a torsion balance for it.
  • Ernest Rutherford Born

  • Hemri Bequerel

    Henri Accidentally dicovered radioactivity.what he did was he wrapped up a fluorescent object potassium and a black material.But the main thing he needed for this is sunlight.but when put the photopgraphic plates in he realized they were exposed creating nuclear radiation.
  • Niels Bohr Born

  • Marie Curie

    Was mainly reconized by pioneering research on radioactivity.She also got noble peace prizes in chemistry and physics
  • Ernest Rutherford

    Thought that the nucleus of a atom was surrounded by negative charges.Also that the rest of the atom was just empty space.also multiple people called him the father of nuclear physics.This is accurate because we still follow this still today as positive , negative and a nucleus which has no charge.(Gold foil Experiment)
  • Robert Millikan

    He did multiple experiments to find the quanity of a charged electron.
  • Pierre Curie Death

  • Henri Becquerel Death

  • Niels Bohr

    He propoosed that electrons go in certain paths around the nulcleus in a circular motion.
  • Quantum Model

    The probability area of an electron may be located in.For the quantum model there are several people envolved including Louis de Broglie,C.j Davinson,L.H.Germer, and Erwin Scrodinger.all these people had something to do with the Quantum Model.The main idea for this was to account for the whole number rule for isotopes masses and its consistent of the emmission of Helium and Electron particles.It was founded in the 1920's
  • James Chadwick

    Figured out that nuetrons have no charge at all.This helped out multiple things like knowing that only eletrons and protons have charges.The evidence that this model is true is beacuse we still use it today in life.
  • Marie Curie Death

  • Ernest Rutherford Died

  • JJ Thompson Died

  • Robert Millikand Death

  • Niels Bohr Death

  • JJ Thompson

    He was the dicoverer of electrons and isotopes.Because of thisscientist are able to solve multiple things thanks to him.Also to solve things like how many elecrtrons are in an atom.He also had many other experiments like magnetic deflection of cathode rays and cathode rays were electrically charged. These arethe reasons on how it answers the question