Hurling timeline

Timeline created by Mattflood76
  • 1,200 BCE

    Strengths for Hurling in Ireland

    Engage audience, Brings in revenue(growing), Growing in fans , Win championships
  • 1,200 BCE

    Weakness for Hurling in Ireland

    Athletes built a specific way, Mostly younger athletes
  • 1,200 BCE

    Opportunities for Hurling in Ireland

    Expand to other countries, Bigger venues, Promote in other countries
  • 1,200 BCE

    Threats for Hurling in Ireland

    Other sports are more popular in country, Just started expanding fan base
  • Strengths for bringing to USA

    Already established sport in Ireland, Irish population in the United States is huge, Stadiums already here (don't have to build)
  • Weaknesses for Bringing to USA

    Might be hard to find athletes, People might think sport is to dangerous, Pay for athletes may be low for an incoming sport
  • Opportunities for Bringing to USA

    Big Market to expand in, Already have a fan base in the united states, Sponsorships and endorsement deals
  • Threats for Bringing to USA

    Already established sports (lacrosse, soccer, football), Transition from the sport being in Ireland to here (fans opinions), Focussing to much on one audience. (spread the word)
  • Weird Sport Brainstorming

    On this day in Professor Stamps class, we came up with multiple ideas for weird sports that soon Professor Stamp would make groups and select a weird sport for the students to study and look into.
  • Country Informatics(Hurling in Ireland) (USA/Region)

    For these informatics, me and my partners had to look up the sport hurling and learn the ins and outs of it and learn how this sport is in the country of Ireland. The studies we focussed on were the skills and rules of this sport and how it effects Ireland. And how we can bring this sport to the USA. The other informatics was used to show the sports industry in the USA and how if this sport was brought here if it would work and become a new sport of the USA.
  • History of Sport Assignment

    For this assignment me and my partner had to go through a series of steps and research to figure out many objectives for the sport of hurling. Some things researched were, athletes profile, fan profile, sponsorships, venues etc. And for these categories we had to find ideas and facts on how these can be brought over to the United States and make the sport work.
  • Period: to


    For this timespan in between the informatics assignment and the next assignments, we had to present them to the class acting like possible investor and explain the sport and how it would do in the USA and how we planned on doing so. For this assignment we had to create a powerpoint explaining the sport and ideas we may have for it nd ideas on how we will bring the sport of hurling to America.