I will always write you back

Timeline created by yusen
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  • The beggining

    The day Caitlin send the card to Martin (not knowing about martin)
  • The start of a new frienship

    The letter of Caitlin arrives and the teacher selects Martin to be the person that continues the work
  • Period: to

    Martins and Caitlin relation

    Martin and Caitlin start becoming friend and they start to learn about the other.
    Also the beggining of the inflation and the bad position of martin's family because it.
  • Caitlin starts growing

    She starts noticing the situation of Martin.
    but not a lot.
  • the clues

    she starts thinking about the situation of Martin because while she was in teen ager dramas He was in a worst spot but he just didnt talk about it to protect her.
  • the struggle

    Martins dad paycheck could not pay the rent anymore and he and Martins mom fighted more.
  • Caitlin notice and worries about Martin

    She didnt get a respons of Martin (because he had no money) so she starts to get worry
  • the broke

    Martin couldnt pay anymore to the school.
  • Martin starts working

    Martin started makingmoney to retun to school
  • first help

    Caitlin sended 40 dollars to Martin
    He returned to school and with that money they could pay the rent.
  • generosity

    Caitlins parents helped him also
  • Period: to

    the help

    Caitlins parents were saving Martins family.
    Martin prepared for the O exams
  • more help

    Caitlin got a job so she could also help buying things for Martin like water purification pills
  • the result

    Martin get the best score in hes country.
    He enters to the best school of zimbabwee.
  • Period: to

    the result

    Martin get the best score in hes country.
    He enters to the best school of zimbabwee.
    there he makes a lot of friends. Wallace went to america to study
    there he became part of the family to.
  • the exam

    Martin did the exam to go to a university
  • Period: to

    American dream

    Day after day Caitlins family struggeled finding a full scholarship.
    while Martin prepares psychologically and tries to start comprehending the culture of united states.
  • the university

  • preparations

    Martin starts to preparate to go to USA
  • welcome !!

    Martin finally gets to united states and meets Caitlin and her family.