Iabel Allende

Timeline created by EMILYKAESTNER
  • Childhood

    Isabel was born on August 2,1942 in Lima, Peru. Her dad was Tomas Allende, the Chilean ambassador to Peru. Her father was cousins with president of Chile, Slavador Allende. He was in office from 1970 to 1973.
  • School

    In Bolivia, Isabel attended a North American private school. In Beirut Lebanon, she attended an English private school. In between the different schools she was also home schooled. In her free time, Isabel read numerous books, including William Shakespear.
  • Move

    In 1958 her family was moved back to Chile.
  • Job

    Isabel worked with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Orginization in Santiago, Chile (from 1959 - 1965).
  • Marriage

    While in Chile finishing her seconedary studies, Isabel met engineering student Miguel Frias, whom she married in 1962.
  • Reputation

    At home, Isabel was an obediant wife, and a mother of two. In public she was moderatly well-known TV personality, journalist in a feminist magazine, and a actress.
  • Job

    She worked as the editor of Mampato Children's Magazine. She also published two childrens stories, La Abuela Panchita and Luchas y Luchons.
  • House of Spirits

    House of Spirits
    In 1981, Isabel learned that her granfather was on his deathbed. She then began to write him letters and later these became the manuscript for one of her best selling novels, House of Spirits.
  • Paula

    In 1995, Paula was published. It is a memoir of her childhood in Santiago, Chile. It is written in the form of a letter to her daughter.
  • Foundation

    She started the Isabel Allende Foundation to respect the memory of her daughter Paula. She experienced a coma due to her disease, Porphyna, and died at age 28 in 1992.
  • Sum of Our Days

    Sum of Our Days
    This book published in 2008 was a history of her life and family.
  • Book to Movie

    Book to Movie
    Three of her best selling books are now major motion pictures. They are Aphrodite, Eva Luna, and Gift From a Sweetheart.
  • Accomplishments

    In her carre, she has sold 56 million copies, won 31 awards, and her books have been translated to 30 different languages.