Important Events in the History of the Rise of the Social Media

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  • Birth of GEOCITIES

    Birth of GEOCITIES
    GeoCities goes online as one the first successful Social Networking platforms on the internet where anyone was able to create their own websites with their own background and interests and share them with others.It became the third most popular site just behind AOL and Yahoo. Yahoo eventually bought them out in 1999.
  • Rise of Friendster

    Rise of Friendster
    Friendster went live on the internet paving the way for modern social networking by having user create profiles, send comments to each out and easily search and add friends. Friendster gains more than 3 million users by the end of 2002.
  • Yahoo! shuts down GeoCities

    Yahoo! shuts down GeoCities
    Geocities was eventually shut down by Yahoo due to loss of popularity and users. Other sites had taken the idea of social networking and ran with it to make better websites for social users.
  • Modern Social Media Unveiled

    Modern Social Media Unveiled
    2005 brought us Youtube, Twitter in 2006 and Facebook in 2007. Instagram was open for use on 2010 giving us the big names we have today in Social media; building their platforms, users and making them more accessible and user friendly.
  • Friendster Shuts Down

    Friendster Shuts Down
    Friendster eventually shuts down. The next year Instagram reaches an all time high of 500 million users and TikTok is developed and launched in China.
  • The Cambridge Analytica

    The Cambridge Analytica
    A scandal arose with the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica where data privacy and user information were being shared and used for strategic communication during electoral processes. New policies were put in place on sharing data with third parties.
  • TikTok Boom

    TikTok Boom
    Tiktok solidifies as a dominating social network with over one billion global downloads.