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    Elastigirl retires
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    (I haven’t watched this movie in a couple of years)
    The train almost falls off the cliff, but the dad try’s to help it back up.
  • 2

    Then he tells the family that he has to go somewhere and try’s to help people escape the fire, but breaks into a Jewelry store. He almost gets arrested but his friend freezes the cop and then ?I think they run away.
  • 3

    I think they get in trouble. But this lady needs help getting her cat off the tree, and there is a criminal ridding by so he try’s to hurry, and knocks the tree over on the criminals car.
  • 4

    Then, he has to catch a criminal in a bank, but this kid comes along and is his fan, but the dad is really rude to him so he calls the cops to take the kid home. The kid gets really mad and turns evil.
  • 5

    Then the dad goes to pick up the kid because he got detention for putting a pin on the teachers chair. Then the girl is at school, and is hiding from people.
  • 6

    Then the kids get into a fight. The dad picks up the car and then cuts the dinner plate in half. He goes to his room and finds a iPad. Then he finds out he has a secret job, but the iPad explodes.
  • 7

    The mom gets mad because the sprinklers go off. Dash is happy, because it is exiting.
  • 8

    Mr incredible through his boss into the wall. He had promised a client something he is not allowed to, but his boss found out and was annoying him.
  • 9

    Mr incredible visits his boss in the hospital. But his boss fires him, and he has no choice but to join the new job.
  • 10

    Elastigirl went to go to the new job site. The boss showed her the new outfits for her family. After she leaves, Mr. incredible has to go on his first mission.
  • 11

    Mr. incredible goes to an island to fight the robots. He gets chased by them, and ends up fighting them in a volcano.
  • 12

    Mr. Incredible gets captured by Super kid. He gets taken to his base. Elastigirl finds out, and tells the kids she has to go. She calls a baby sitter to watch all the kids.
  • 12

    Elastigirl gets a plane to go save Mr. incredible. Dash and Violet sneak on the plane, put on their outfits, and tell their mom they want to help.
  • 13

    While Elastigirl is driving the plane, Super kid sent torpedoes after them. The plane explodes, knocking them into the sea.
  • 14

    The plane crashes, and they work together to make a boat, and head off to the base. When they are there, the mom builds a fort, but she doesn’t know it’s a tunnel, when the family fleas, super kid catches them.
  • 15

    After the family is captured, Super kid Is missing the baby. While he goes off, Mr. Incredibles boss, frees them. The go back to the city, to fight all the robots.
  • 16

    Super kid takes baby Jack Jack. But baby Jack Jack does not want to go with him and attacks him. Super kid has no choice but to put the baby back. Admitting defeat, super kid leaves.