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Timeline created by zgeno55
  • James Hargreaves

    Inevention 8 thread spinning jenny
    Naitnality British
    It is not used today due to modern machineary.
  • Charles Townshend

    InventionNew way to rotate crops
    Nationality British
  • James Watt

    Invention Improvments to Steam Enginge
    Nationality Scottish
    This is still used for historical purposes today
  • Richard Arkwright

    Invention: Water Frame
    Nationlity: English
    It is not used today due to modern technologies.
  • Eli Whitney

    Invention Cotton GIn
    Nationality American
    Oselete it has been replaced with modern machinery
  • Alessandro Volta

    Invention: First Battery
    Nationality: Italian
    Stilll used today in a improved form.
  • oseph Marie Jacquard

    nventor of the Jacquard loom
  • George Stephenson

    Invention Railroad Pioneer
    Nationality English
    Railroads are still used today
  • Louis Daguerre

    Inovation daguerreotype process
    Nationality France
  • Samuel Morse.

    Morse Code
    Still used somewhat today
  • Henry Bessemer

    Invention of Steel
    Still used very mmuch today
  • Alexander Graham Bell

    Invention: Phone
    Nationality: Scottish
    Still Used Today, people still talk on phones.
  • Thomas Edison

    Invention LightBulb
    Nationality American
    Still used today whereever light is
  • Gottlieb Daimler

    Invention: Gas Engine
    Nationality: German
    It is still used today in cars
  • Guglielmo Marconi

    development of Marconi's law