interwar timeline- Adam Pugh

Timeline created by adam605001
  • June 28 , 1919 Treaty of Versailles signed

    on June 28, 1919 the treaty of Versailles was made out of bitter resentment for Germany by Britain and France. the T of V sent Germanys economy into hyperinflation and helped create an environment of ultranationalism in Germany. Terms: give back Czech, Belgium, Poland, Alsace-Lorraine. smaller military and no air force allowed for Germany. and 33 billion dollars in reparation payments.
  • League of Nations

    in 1920, after WW1 an international organization created by many of the allied nations was created. the goal was to also prevent war and international conflicts through diplomacy and peaceful conflict resolution resolution. the biggest weakness of the L of N was USA and USSR refused to join the movement. Therefore the League of Nations had no military force to enforce policies.
  • Benito Mussolini takes power in Italy

    The Italian govt did not sign the L of N and was corrupt, large gaps in wealth between the North and South part of Italy made many people very poor. 1922- Fascist party by Mussolini overthrew the existing Govt and puts in doctoral powers and eliminates any rivals. Mussolini is very popular in Italy now and he also wanted to make the Mediterranean sea Italy's sea. Oct, Mussolini attacked Abyssinia. people feared if Mussolini did not join the L of N he would make a treaty with Germany.
  • Stock Market crash in the USA

    the American Stock Market crash in 1929 was one of the worst depressions in history. Caused massive unemployment in America and upset the economic system of the world. in the 20's business and the Market was great with unchecked investment with production to support it, huge expansion of stock market, gains of 4 years were made in 4 weeks. Caused by a crisis in confidence and inflated stock prices. Tax policies favorers the rich and started to become protectionist.
  • Japan invades Manchuria

    Japanese wanted to take over Manchuria and set up a puppet govt so they staged a incident on a sabotaged section of railroad. Blaming it on the Chinese would allow them to invade china. L of N sent a commission to find out what needed action: Lytton Report Oct, 1932 stated that Japan was the aggressor. also stated that Manchuria should become autonomous nut under Chinas control by this time.
  • Hitler appointed chancellor

    Hilter campaigned on how to resolve Germanys economic problems by first overturning the T of V in Germany, take back the territory they lost, cancel all debts to other nations, get rid of foreigners in Germany, start spending money on public works and rearming Germany for a war. over 30 million Germans voted for Hitler so it is safe to way Germans were persuaded by him.
  • Italy invades Ethiopia

    Mussolini dreamed of being a ruler so he decided on attacking Abyssinia. He was off to a good start and Ethiopia asked for help from the L of N because they are just a tiny place with almost no army. The L of N did not want to upset Mussolini because they feared if he didn't sign the L of N, he would go and make a treaty with Germany. The League condemned him for the invitation and imposed sanctions but didn't include oil, food, coal, scrap iron, rubber and copper.
  • Germany reoccupied the Rhineland

    In 1936, Hitler was starting to gain momentum in his movement. He remilitarized Rhineland which is a piece of land between Germany and France; it was against the T of V restrictions. Hilter was militarizing Rhineland because he was preparing for war and to rule all of Europe. France and Britain did not stop Germany at this time; the great depression was hurting these nations economy and the citizens were starving.
  • Germany Anschluss with Austria

    Anschluss was part of Germany's New Order of Europe; Anschluss means for German's to be self reliant. in 1938, Hilter wanted Austria because it was his birth place and most people there spoke German anyway. Hitler wanted to know firstly if the Austrian people were pleased so he held a referendum. Before all the votes were even counted, Hitler marched into Austria the next day and took over. Under the T of V these two countries were forbidden to join.
  • Munich Agreement

    Hitler was looking like a threat to other nations now, Chamberlain met with hitler to find a settlement. Chamberlain was looking for Hitler to be appeased; if he wasn't Hitler would occupy more land. Hitler agreed with the conditions, Germanys would get Studenteland and other regions where the pop was over 50% German. Czech was this as betrayal because Britain promised to protect them against Hitler. Germany then Gained more land as a result.
  • Germany occupies Czechoslovakia

    Czech was a primarily German speaking country; Hitler thought the land would be easy to annex and it would support Germany's self-determination. Hitler decided to Annex Czech on Oct 1938 without regard to the people opposed. Czech saw this as a betrayal by Britain because they were supposed to protect them against Hitler. Britain negotiated Czech away for hopes of hitler's appeasement.
  • Germany Invades Poland

    official start of WW2 Germans dressed up as Polish forces and staged a attack on German troops, Similar to Napoleons idea. This gave Germany the right to attack Poland with USSR attacking Germany. Nazis used Blitzkrieg(airforce) and took half of Poland while the other would be USSR's land. Britain and France declare war on Sept 3, Canada declarers war on Sept 7, 1939.