Inventors & Inventions

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  • Jethro Tull

    Invented the seed drill -The seed drill created the fuel that kept the industrial revolution running. This changed society because it gave them more food, clothes and supplies and gave people the supplies to begin the industrial revolution.
  • Abraham Darby

    Sand casting - Relatively inexpensive production costs, especially in low-volume runs.
    The ability to fabricate large components.
    A capacity for casting both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
    A low cost for post-casting tooling.
  • John Kay

    Invented flying shuttle - The flying shuttle was used with the traditional handloom and helped improve weaving efficiency and reduced labor needs because it could be operated with only one operator. Weaving was the process of creating cloth out of many different strands of thread
  • James Watt

    Invented Photocopier - The photocopier has helped to automate the process of document reproduction. The processes used to reproduce documents in the pre-xerographic times required expensive supplies. Also, xerography brought with it the ability to use untreated office paper, which lowered total document reproduction costs.