Italian Unification

Timeline created by maria.ana22
  • Liberal Italians

    During the French Revolution ideas from France and Britain spread.
  • Napoleon Declared himself King

  • Congress of Vienna

    This restored Austrian domination over Italian penninsula. This also made it very disordered in Italy.
  • Garibaldi

    Garibaldi joined Mazzini's Movement
  • Slow Revolutionary Movements

    In the intentions to slow down the revolution Papal States, Lucca, Tuscany and the kingdom of Sardinia actually intensified the revoltion making it spread to Germany, Austrain Empire, France and parts of Italy.
  • Roman Republic Established

    Established by Mazzini by leading his volunteeres to Rome. Then after his win they passes Austrian territory and all of his people were killed and he had to flea to Italy to save his life.
  • Victor Emmanuel II

    He became the head of the Kingdom of Sardinia and appointed Cavour the prime minister in later years.
  • Camillo di Cavour

    Cavour becomes the prime minister of the Kingdom of Sardinia.
  • Lombardy

    Napoleon transferred Lombardy to Emmanuel II.
  • Kingdom of Sardinia

    All of the northern states of Italy, excluding Venetia
  • Garibaldi conquered Sicily and set up a provisional insular government

  • Girabaldi conquered Naples, and gave it to Emmanuel II

  • Unification of Italy Reached

    But Rome and Venice were not included.
  • Venice

    Venice was added this year, after Prussia beat Austria in the Seven Weeks War. (Italy sided with Prussia during this)
  • Napoleon withdrew his troops from Rome

  • Rome became the capital of United Italy

  • Italy Declaring War

    Italy declared war on the Central Powers and after World War 1 Italy gained Trieste, Gorizia, Istria, and Zara.