Ithica Timeline

Timeline created by icegoddesslexra
  • 1,000 BCE

    Glacial Crystal Arrives

    The Glacial Crystal arrives on the planet of Dewya, on the continent of Ithica, via a meteor. The planet is mostly uninhabited by humanoid life. Crystal is about the size of a basket ball.
  • Period:
    1,000 BCE
    -500 BCE

    Central Ithica Weather changes

    The area around where the Glacial Crystal fell begins to freeze the earth around it. Over the course of 500 years the area gets colder and becomes a tundra.
  • -30 BCE

    Being is born

    A being is born from the crystal. They appear feminine in appearance. The Glacial Crystal shrinks to the size of a golf ball at this point and it disappears. The central area of Ithica remains a tundra.
  • -30 BCE

    Umbral Realm Creation

    A random giant surge of magic creates a realm on the Planet of Dewya called the Umbral Realm. The insurgence of magic in this realm creates a myriad of Daemons, Infernals, Fae, Elementals, and Devils. One such being, a Daemon rises up and usurps control over the Realm. His name is Xes.
  • -29 BCE

    Elven Tribe discovers Being

    A tribe of Frost Elves discovers the being created by the crystal and name her Lexra, which means Snow in the language of the Frost Elves. They revere her as a goddess as she can manipulate the glacial element. She learns their language.
  • Period:
    -28 BCE
    -1 BCE

    Lexra Travels Ithica

    A year after living with the Frost Elves Lexra leaves them and travels the world of Ithica, meeting the various cultures and learning about them and learning their languages. She meets with other Elves, Dwarves, Humes, Valkyrs. and Gnomes. They are tribal in nature and many war against each other. They all revere Lexra, seeing her as a goddess.
  • AD 1

    Lexra Unites Ithica

    Having traveled across the world and seeing the tribal nations fight amongst each other Lexra uses her powers to stop their fights and unite them together. With their help, she builds a castle where she was born and civilization begins. Together, the nations learn from each other and grow stronger under Lexra's unity.
  • Period:
    AD 1

    Lexra rules over Ithica Castle

    Over the next 500 years, Lexra rules as a monarch in her castle, helping to bring peace and unity across the lands. Some nations split away from Ithica Castle and return to their homeworld, bolstered by their 'goddesses' support and prosper. In these 1000 years, no war is waged.
  • Period:
    AD 1

    The Queens of Ithica

    Over the course of the next 3000 years, Ithica goes through a pattern in which their Queen produces a female heir or dies without producing an heir. Sometime after the previous queen's death, if there is no heir, another woman is born from the glacial crystal. The Ithica Tower of Mages protects this crystal during the years it's dormant until their next queen is born from within it. A council of leaders has been established to rule in any gap years.
  • 500

    Mandain is established

    A colony of Humes, having traveled from the central continent of Ithica, establish a home on a warmer southern continent they name Mandain, so named after the warrior who died to help bring them here.
  • Period:

    Mandain Prospers

    Over the next thousand years, the continent of Mandain remains a societal continent. As it continues to grow bigger and bigger more nation-states are established. Mandain doesn't exactly have a capital, but it's 1st and oldest city is Groth. The nations of Mandain, with the majority being Humes, work together to ensure an equal and fair civilization for all. That isn't to say Mandain doesn't know war, but they tend to remain neutral in most conflicts.
  • 501

    Lexra passes

    In the year 501, Lexra passes away from old age. The city of Ithica, now in their iron age, mourns. The world mourns. Without her presence the various nations begin to war against each other again, this time vying to take over Castle Ithica to rule over the continent of Ithica.
  • 505

    Lexra's Daughter is born

    4 years after the passing of Lexra another being like her is born inside Castle Ithica. She looks similar to Lexra and seemingly has the same powers. The Frost Elves protect her and teach her about her mother. They name her Lexoria. Frost Elf for Snowflake.
  • 510

    Lexoria takes the mantle

    Lexoria, 5 years after being born, is seemingly fully grown. She assumes her mother's throne and seeks to end the war surrounding the nation.
  • 550

    Lexoria marries

    Lexoria marries a male Frost Elf named Yvad. Together they foster the magic present in the Castle City of Ithica and form the first guild of Mages.
  • 551

    Lexoria gives birth

    Lexoria gives birth to a daughter. She names her daughter Exrylia. She passes away shortly after. A crystal is left behind in her wake. The crystal floats towards Exrylia and absorbs into her. Exrylia looks nothing like a Frost Elf and is almost the spitting image of her mother.
  • Period:

    Lexoria's Husband's Rule

    With Lexoria deceased and Exrylia too young to rule, her husband serves in her stead. When Exrylia turns 10, looking more like 20 than 10, he lets his daughter ascend as Queen of Ithica.
  • 552

    Yvad centralizes magic

    King Yvad orders the construction of a Mage Tower located in the central part of the Castle City of Ithica. He assigns his prodigy as the Head Mage of the Tower when it finishes construction a year later.
  • 553

    The Mage Tower of Ithica

    The construction of the tower is completed by the beginning of 553. Its creation bolsters a new renaissance of magical progress in Ithica.
  • 561

    Exrylia Ascends

    Exrylia Ascends the throne, becoming Queen of the nation of Ithica.
  • 1000

    Exrylia passes

    Exrylia, sensing she was going to pass of old age soon, orders the nation of Ithica to close its borders. Without a heir she fears what may happen to Ithica in the span of years before a new life regenerates from her crystal. She hides away in the last year of her life, so that the crystal is safe during it's dormant period.
  • 1020

    A new Queen appears

    A new Queen finally emerges from the crystal, long since thought to be lost after Exrylia's passing. She ascends the throne and reopens the borders of Ithica.
  • 1053

    Ithica Island

    A 2nd Mage Tower in Ithica is built. Located on a nearby island north of the Castle town of Ithica it quickly becomes the new base of Ithican Mages. Better equipped and larger most of the mages within the Castle Limits move to the Island Tower. Over the course of the next few years select chosen mages to live in the tower located near the Castle proper. Often they are handpicked by the current Sage or Queen.
  • Xes marries

    Xes, still reigning King of the Umbral Realm, falls in love with a Female Daemon named Izlyth and marries her a year later in 1900.
  • Viktor is born

    Viktor is born from the King Xes and Queen Izlyth Daemons of the Umbral Realm.
  • Viktor gains control

    In 2024 Viktor kills his father and his mother, staging it as an assassination planned by the Valkyr. He ascends the throne.
  • Queen Eirolyn Passes

    Queen Eirolyn age 28, is murdered. The assassin attempts to run away with the Glacial Crystal previously embedded with her soul. The Ithica Tower of Mages successfully retrieves this crystal and continues their vigil over it until the next queen is created. Eirolyn married a female Fire Temporal, named Killian. She takes over as acting Queen of Ithica until her death.
  • Queen Killian's death

    Queen Killian dies in battle. Another band of thieves, seemingly all Daemons and Tieflings, attempt to steal the Glacial Crystal. Killian along with a few mages from the Ithica Tower die defending the crystal. They are at least successful in protecting it. King Sted, Eirolyn's Father, ascends the throne.
  • Glacial Crystal gets stolen

    Homebrew Campaign start. PCs are hired by the Ithican Mages to retrieve the stolen Glacial Crystal. It's suspected that Umbral Elves have stolen it and have gone back to the Umbral Realm.
  • Queen Lyxion passes

    Queen Lyxion passes due to a strange illness. She tasks the Mage Tower in protecting her crystal after her passing. She fears this will be the last iteration from the Glacial Crystal as something or someone has poisoned her and at the time of her death, none of her magic remained. She dies at the age of 25. No trace of whatever poison afflicted her was ever found and remains a mystery.
  • Annalina meets Viktor

    Annalina meets Viktor in the city of Alexandria. A Valkyr city located far north of Mandain. She falls in love with Viktor, who claims to be a hume merchant.
  • Annalina becomes pregnant

    Annalina becomes pregnant. It is then she learns of Viktor's true origins. He is not a hume, but is in fact a Daemon. She learns he's the king of the Daemons and has lusted after a High Valkyr for several years. Her father, Chief of the Valkyr, learns of their courtship and he exiles Annalina from Alexandria. She flees to Mandain.
  • Vincent is born

    Vincent is born to Annalina and Viktor. Annalina, long since on the run from Viktor, gives birth to Vincent in a small hospital in the city of Mandain. A mostly Hume populated city.
  • Selene is born

    Selene is born in Alexandria, the city of the Valkyr.
  • Annalina passes

    Viktor finds Annalina and Vincent (8) hiding in the Fae Woods located south of Mandain. He murders Annalina and steals her magical energy. He kidnaps Vincent.
  • Period: to

    Vincent lives among the Daemons

    For the next ten years, Vincent lives among the Daemons in the Umbral Realm. His wings are viciously amputated and the remaining stumps cauterized to avoid their eventual regeneration. Viktor tries to groom Vincent to become his next heir, tries to corrupt him to do evil things. And is for the most part unsuccessful. That's not to say Vincent hasn't done horrible things, especially in these 10 years, but he does it for survival.
  • Viktor removes Vincent's Wings

    A year after his mother's murder, Vincent (9) attempts to escape his father. He gets caught trying to fly away. In retaliation, Viktor 'solves' the problem.
  • Eira is born

    In the year of 4035 Eira is born from the crystal. It has been 100 years since Ithica has last seen a glacial queen. She ascends the throne at 10 (in 4045), looking as though she's in her 20s.
  • Vincent escapes

    Vincent (18) finds a way to leave the Umbral realm, finally making it back into the civilization he knows. He makes his way back to Mandain, and takes up a job there as a mercenary. But really he's a jack of all trades. He can haunt monsters, he can investigate, he can walk that old lady across the street, he can fix your car. Anything that pays well he does. Anything that's legal.
  • Vincent gets his license

    2 years after settling into Mandain, Vincent (20) obtains his official Merc license. This allows him to take the law into his own hands (with certain limitations) and allows him to charge more for his services and open an official business. Whereas before he operated by word of mouth. He opens 'Shield's Merc Co' and then rents a small office space in Downtown Mandain to run his business in.
  • Ithica becomes a free state

    Ithica, long since broken away from having an actual functioning monarch, officially becomes a free state in 4055 when Eira (15) agrees to step down. She still has a hand in the politics of Ithica but instead has become Ithica's elected President instead of Queen.
  • Eira wins 2nd term

    In 4055 Eira is elected as President of the Republic Nation of Ithica for her 2nd Term.
  • Eira meets Vincent

    Eira (15) meets Vincent (25) in the city of Groth. She traveled to the continent of Mandain to speak with its governing force to establish a world democratic force. Ithica has remained isolated from the other inhabitants of the planet Dewya for far too long.
    She meets Vincent at a bar. Sometimes she has small jobs for him to do and she's made him one of the official ambassadors of Mandain.
    He accepts it begrudgingly, hoping to establish connections there to help stop his father.
  • Vincent gets hired by Selene

    Vincent (30), at his job, accepts a new client named Selene (25). When she shows up to dish out details of their contract he learns that Selene is a Valkyr currently on the run from Viktor. His job is to protect her from Viktor. Selene, having heard from the citizens of Groth about Vincent's successful business and combat prowess, seeks out his help. He reluctantly agrees.
  • Eira disappears

    A few months after meeting Vincent in Mandain, Eira disappears. A creeping and intense cold begins to spread throughout the world. Seemingly the only continent unaffected is Ithica, as it was already magically cold.
  • Demons appear

    Near the end of 4055 demons, different from Dewya's Daemons begin to pour out of the Umbral Realm in masse. Vincent (30) fails to keep Selene safe from Viktor, who uses the demons to invade and overwhelm the city of Groth. Viktor and Selene go missing afterwards.
  • Dewya Freezes

    By the middle of 4056 most of the world has become a frozen and demon filled disaster. Eira, Selene, and Viktor are still missing. Vincent gets ready to travel to the Umbral Realm to investigate where all the demons are coming from.
  • To the Umbral Realm again

    Vincent travels to the Umbral Realm and finds his way to the Nexus. He leaves Dewya behind in the hopes of finding help.