Jackson and The Second Bank

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  • Creaton of the Second National Bank

    The Second National Bank was chartered by President James Madison and was created in 1816. The bank was chartered for the same reasons as the last one.
  • Jackson's Message to Congress

    Andrew Jackson’s questioned the constitutionality of the bank, and said that it did not establish a sound policy. This was reviewed by congress and was indeed seen as unconstitutional.
  • Jackson's First Term Begins

    Andrew Jackson decides to fight the bank as his first term as president begins. Jackson investigates the bank’s policies and political agenda to see what he can find and because of this Congress fights against Jackson.
  • Jacksons Vetoes The Re-charter

    He vetoes the re-charter for the same reasons he did not like the bank: it was unconstitutional, and did not have a sound policy.
  • Jackson Destroys The Bank

    Andrew Jackson removes the federal funds from the Second National Bank and redistributes them to the state banks to help out the states and to ultimately destroy the Second Bank.
  • Jackson's Re-election

    Andrew Jackson was against Henry Clay(the dude that was accused of making the corrupt bargain) in the presidential election. Andrew Jackson won the election because most of his supporters were the "common man".