jons history timeline

Timeline created by jon rehwaldt
  • The Oregon Trail

    The Oregon Trail
    The oregon trail is a 2,000 mile long trail stretching across the United States.
    It is the reason that people were able to get over to the west coast.
  • Whitman Massacre

    Whitman Massacre
    Dr. Marcus Whitman, his wife,and many other U.S. missionaries were killed by the cayuse indians.
    This paved boundries for Oregon and Washington.
  • The Seattlle Fire

    The Seattlle Fire
    Casued by John E. Back
    Destroyed 29 city blocks and 10 brick buildings
    Directly afterward the population jumped from 25,000 to 43,000
  • The Centailia Massacre

    The Centailia Massacre
    America legion, and industrial workers of the world massacre was caused by labor unrest.
    It attracted national media
  • Grand Coulee Dam

    Grand Coulee Dam
    550 ft tall 300 ft wide
    Sits in the columbia river gorge
    Helps control flooding, river regulation, water storage, and power generation.