Kelly's Lifespan Timeline project

Timeline created by kellyt1990
  • The first two years: Biosocial

    I was a healthy baby. My parents made sure I ate nutritous foods and nothing go in the way of my growth. I slept a lot and my body grew as it should. I developed my motor skills and my senses at a normal pace.
  • The first two years: Cognitive

    My sensorimotor intelligence was great. I was doing all of the reflexes a baby should do such as sucking, grasping, staring and listening. I always smiled a lot, that was my response to everything. My grandma says I spoke fluently in japenese, you couldnt understand a thing I said so they would just agree.
  • The first two years: Psychosocial

    My emotions were always happy-go-lucky. I was always smiling. I was always curious. I was definitely a people watcher, always curious as to what people were doing. I always had to touch things and the only people I trusted were the faces I knew.
  • Play years: Biosocial

    I was a chunky little girl but I still had a smile on my face all the time unless my older half brother tried to take my toy. I love arts and crafts and I loved being with other children. I was overall a happy chlid.
  • Play years: Cognitive

    Since I was a curios child and only trusted faces I knew, I always looked up to my parents, my grandparents and sometimes even my half siblings. They were considered my mentors, even till this day.I also no longer spoke gibberish, I could say all kinds of words. My cognitive development was at a very good pace.
  • Play years: psychosocial

    My self-esteem was very good. I knew what was wrong versus what was right and I always tried to do things right because I had a huge guilty conscious. I also started learning the difference between girls and boys not quite the physical aspect but that girls play with dolls and boys play with cars.
  • School years: biosocial

    During this time I had to take second grade twice because the first time I missed too much schooling due to eye and ear problems. I had to get tubes in my ears and I was also wearing glasses. None of these problems changed my happy-go-lucky attitude and I was still learning at the average rate.
  • School years: cognitive

    Learning wise Im doing really good. My eyes and ears issues are fixed and I loved going to school. I remember there being cursive handwriting contests and we had to vote on who's handwriting was better.. I usually won which was a good boost for my self esteem but I never thought I was better than the other students.
  • School years: Psychosocial

    My mom died of breast cancer. I was a wreck. My mother had been sick for a while and I had no clue because my family was trying to protect me from not telling me. I ended up staying at my aunts for two weeks and when I was leaving my dad had told me. I hated him for it, but I also didnt understand what was going on. This is also the same time I began gaining a lot of weight and my self esteem went way way down hill. Things changed and my family became a single widowed parent family.
  • Adolescence: Biosocial

    Puberty was there. I had started developing breasts and I believe in 5th or 6th grade was when I started my menstrual cycle. Because I ate for comfort I was now considered the chubby girl and I was getting treated differently which definitely didnt help my self esteem. I wasn't very nutritious although I did like my fruits and vegetables.
  • Adolescence: cognitive

    I want to say I was still devoloping at a normal pace cognitively. I did have a hard time making more friends and really paying attention. However, I do remember having favorite teachers and always looking up to them and wanted to be their favorite student so to speak. I think thats why I wanted to be so good and reading and writing.
  • Adolescence: psychosocial

    At this point I didnt know who I was. I was so confused on why someone would take my mom away from me and my relationship with my father was starting to go downhill. My half brother that I was close with passed away after my mom had I believe that it was because they were so close. Around this I had noticed that my father became an alcoholic and I always kept tabs on him and sometimes even had to take the alcohol away from him. However, I was becoming very close to my grandma.
  • Emerging adulthood: biosocial

    Im healthier and I have lost weight. However, my self esteem was still not high and I was still trying to figure out what kind of person I wanted to be. At this time I had a boyfriend we were dating since freshman year. Also at this time I was realizing that smoking and drugs and alcohol and sex were the 'in' things however, I was against it.
  • Emerging adulthood: cognitive

    Im not as smart as my other students and I didnt really care. Now I think back and wish I did. This is also the year I graduated. I finally made it. I was happy during this time. The only thing was that I wished I was smarter and thinner, so I was still working on my self esteem.
  • Emerging adulthood: psychosocial

    Im 21! Im in college and I feel good about myself. I dont have the same boyfriend as I did in highschool and I went through a bad breakup after that but I feel good. I lost weight and my self esteem was at a good point. Im not addicted to anything, my dad quit drinking. Everything is good and I realize what I want to be and where I want to go in life and it makes me feel good. I appreciate things now then I ever did before.
  • Adulthood: biosocial

    Since I dont know what I will be like in the future, Im hoping that I am getting smarter and smarter and that I dont feel inferior to other students or just people for that matter. Im hoping that my body stays healthy but I know that Im going to continue working on my health because I know what it was like when my health was down and my self esteem was right there with it.
  • Adulthood; Cognitive

    At this point Im hoping to be well established in my profession and Im hoping to be married and have a family. Which means more lenient on my brains hard work. This is around the time where Im settling down and helping my kids through some of the things I went through. I also hope to have a good relationship with my kids. Im hoping to be able to help them out with school work because I still remember what I learned.
  • Adulthood: psychosocial

    Its hard to imagine what 2050 will be like but Im hoping that everything stays the same exept that my kids are no longer kids and starting their futures and having families. I hope to still be friends with the friends I made in my adulthood years. I hope that Im still married to the same man and that my kids come to me like I do with my grandma. I also hope that my kids kids think Im the best grandma ever. I hope as I get older that I can still take care of myself, that I have no complications.
  • Late Adulthood: Biosocial, Cognitive and Psychosocial

    Im hoping that late adulthood for me will consist of my kids having successful careers and beautiful families. Im hoping that my husband and I are still very healthy for our age and that we have no complications such as memory loss and I hope that we especially can still take care of ourselves and still be able to enjoy the families we created.
  • Death and Dying: Biosocial, Cognitive and Psychosocial:

    When doing the Life expectency calculator it said that how I was living now would allow me to live up until I 82. It would honestly be scary to live anything longer, however I would like to be around as long as possible to be able to enjoy my children and their children. Only if I can do it in a healthy way with no memory loss or having to be in a nursing home. I know that is hard to say since things can change but if I start changing now and making sure I live a healthy lifestyle it is possible