Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

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  • The Kite Runner; Zahir Shah

    in 1933, "Zahir Shah began jis forty-year reign of Afghanistan'(Hosseini, 24). Shah began to murder Hazara's who had done nothing wrong to him. They hadnt affected him directly and he had no reason to hurt them. These killings caused him to get an evil reputation and others to become racist towards these innocent Hazara's, like Hassan.
  • The Kite Runner; The Birth of Hassan

    Behind Amir's house, "in that little shack that Hassan was born in" (Hosseini, 6). Hassan and Amir were breast fed by the same woman and always had a special connection. This caused them to have a strong bond and become like brothers. Only later did Amir discover they actually were brothers.
  • The Kite Runner; Baba's Orphanage

    In the winter of 1968, "Baba decided to build an orphanage" (Hosseini, 13). Many in the neighborhood did not think Baba could accomplish his task of building an orphanage. When he finally did build it, people were surprised and looked up to Baba for his outstanding work. Since Baba was so great, Amir was insecure because he could not live up to the standards set by Baba.
  • The Kite Runner; Amir trys soccer

    Baba enjoyed soccer and was a very good player as a child. Wanting Amir to follow in his footsteps, he signed him up for a team "but [Amir] was pathetic" (Hosseini, 20). Baba was highly respected and everyone in town looked up to him. Baba had a lot to prove to his community and was dissappointed when his son couldn't follow his greatness. Amir felt inferior and which caused a rift in his and Baba's relationship.
  • The Kite Runner; Amir reads to Hassan

    When reading to Hassan, Amir "abandoned the text alltogether", But Hassan was oblivious to this since he was illiterate due to him being a Hazara (Hosseini, 30). Since Hassan was a Hazara, Amir thought of him as lower in social status. This demonstrates that Amir was inconsiderate and rude. He made a joke of Hassan because he was illiterate even though Hassan could not control that.
  • The Kite Runner; Hassan's harelip surgery

    During the surgery "Baba, Rahim Khan, Ali, and [Amir] had huddled around Hassan's bed... Now everyone in that room was either dead or dying" (Hosseini, 219). Everyone that was close to Amir has passed or was going to which caused Amir depression. This is significant because it persuades Amir to go back to Afghanistan.
  • The Kite Runner: Hassan's rape

    After the kite tournament, Hassan went to fetch Amir's kite, but Assef had it and said "today, its only going to cost you that blue kite"(Hosseini, 72). Hassan being a good friend to Amir caused him to get raped by Assef. This shows the kind of person Hassan was. He is loyal to Amir and stands up for his friends.
  • The Soviet Union invades

    Afghanistan was peaceful until, "1979, when the Soviet Union invaded"(1).
  • The Kite Runner: Jalalabad

    On the way to Pakistan, the truck broke down and Amir said, "The truck was beyond repair" (Hosseini, 120). This shows the hardship those in Afghanistan were facing. Amir And Baba were on their way to Pakistan and had to face problems with trucks and living conditions. Times in their country were tough.
  • The Kite Runner: America

    When they moved to America, Amir said, "America was a place to bury my memories. For Baba, a place to mourn his" (Hosseini, 129). This proves that Baba cared for Amir. Baba moved to America to put Amir in safety and give him a chance to chase his dreams. There was no benefit for Baba and he did it for only Amir's well-being.
  • Soviet Airforces are useless in the war.

    In 1986 the, "Soviet Air force was also rendered largely useless" because the U.S. had more advanced weapons (2).
  • Soviet Troops leave Afghanistan

    In 1989,"after peace talks moderated by the United Nations, the last Soviet troops left Afghanistan", which was a unilateral withdrawal for the Soviet Union (2).
  • The Kite Runner: Sanaubar's visit

    When Sanaubar visited she said, "I have walked long and far to see you" (Hosseini, 210). Sanaubar realized her mistake of leaving Hassan as a child. Sanaubar came back to atone for what she had done and make his life better. Sanaubar felt guilty for leaving her son and made up for it.
  • The Kite Runner: Northern Alliance

    When the Northern Alliance came, "people just stayed put, prayed the next rocket wouldnt hit their home" (Hosseini, 199). Amir was shocked by the devastating news and learned alot had changed when he was gone. Amir is grateful for the blessed life he has in America. In Afghanistan times are very hard and not nearly as good as Amir has it in America.
  • Power divided among Warlords and Fiefdoms

    In the summer of 1994, "power was anarchically divided among competing warlords and individual fiefdoms" in Afghanistan (2).
  • Taliban takes control over Afghanistan

    The Taliban were an,"extremist Islamis group that had siezed control in 1996" (1).
  • Taliban Takes Control

    With the help od the Pakistani, "the Taliban... had taken control of Afghanistan", and enforceds a strict law of fundamentalist Islamic law (3).
  • Mr. Bin Laden arrives

    The Taliban provided protection for Mr. Bin Laden, "who arrived by chartered jet at Jalalabad Airport in May 1996" (3).
  • The Kite Runner: Amir Goes to Pakistan

    After figuring out that Rahim was sick, Amir says, "I have to go back to Pakistan" (Hosseini, 191). this shows that Amir and Rahim have a strong relationship. Rahim's well-being and health mean alot to Amir because of this connection that they have.
  • The Kite Runner: Sohrab Arrives in America

    In the summer of 2001, "Soraya picked up [Amir and Sohrab] at the airport" (Hosseini, 357). Sohrab had been through alot in Afghanistan and had lost the only people close to him. Sohrab has to go home with someone he doesnt know and is upset. He is just a kid and is having trouble adjusting to the American life.
  • World Trade Center was attacked

    The attack on the World Trade Center by Afghanistan was," in New York on September 11, 2001" (3).
  • The U.S. became militarily involved with Afghanistan

    Since 2001, "the United States has been militarily involved in Afghanistan"(1)
  • The Kite Runner: Reflection

    Amir reflects on his past and realizes that he "has been peeking into that deserted alleyfor the last twenty-six years" (Hosseini, 1). This suggests that Amir was impacted immensely by his past and cant move on from it. What happened in the alley has haunted Amir since then and he can not get rid of the guilt that is eating away at him. it also proves how important Hassan really was to him.
  • Mr. Karzai elected

    After saying that he wanted to secure peace in Afghanistan, "Mr. Karzai was elected to a five-year term as president in 2004" (3).
  • Mr. Obama's speech

    During a speech on, "December 1, 2009, at West Point, Mr. Obamas announced his plan to deploy 30,000 additional troops"(4).
  • Obama decides to pull out troops

    Obama decided to bring "American forces home from Afghanistan"(4).
  • The Kite Runner: Amir's trip to Hazarajat

    Amir explains that there were many reasons he ventured to Hazarajat to find Hassan, and "the biggest one ... was that i was lonely" (Hosseini, 203). Most of Amir's relatives and close friends were dead or gone and he was lonely and missed them. Due to this, he went to Hazarajat to find Hassan so he could feel happy again. Hassan was his medicine to a long lasting loneliness and depression caused by the loss of close ones.