Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

Timeline created by 16weeksj67
  • Rahim Khan reads Amirs first story

    Rahim Khan wrote a not on Amir's first story "that did more to encourage me to pursue writing than any compliment any editor has ever paid me. That word was Bravo" (32). Rahim Khan is one of the most important figure in Amir's life, like a father. This later proves to be helpful when Sohrab is saved because Rahim Khan asked Amir to save him.
  • Amir and Hassan get into trouble with Assef for the 1st time

    Assef warns Hassan, "'I am a very patient person. This does not end today, believe me.' He turned to me. 'This isn't the end for you either, Amir. Someday, I'll make you face me one on one" (43). This is the reason for two major events later in the story. Assef holds this to Hassan and Amir both until they suffer the consequences.
  • Hassan's last kite run

    "[Amir] saw Hassan run a kite for the last time" in the winter of 1975 after Amir won the kite flying contest. This is followed by Amir witnessing Assef violeting Hassan. This was arguably the most important event in the entire novel. The guilt this left Amir resulted in the ending of the boys friendship and resulted in Amir's push to save Sohrab later on to atone for the guilt.
  • Amir and Hassans way of life changed forever

    Hassan, Ali, and Amir "hundled together in the dining room" after being awoken in the middle of the night by gunfire "and waiting for the sun to rise, none of [them] had any notion that [their] way of life had ended" (36). The Russians have began their rule and for the remainder of their lives, Afgahnistan was an unsafe place of warfare, despear, and poverty rateran the happy and prosperous place of their childhood. Everything starts to change in their lives after this point.
  • Soviet Union invaded afghanistan

    In order to help Babrak Karmal, the president in control when a coup started, "Soviet troops parachuted into Kabul on Dec. 27, 1979" (2)
  • Hassan and Ali leave

    When Ali and Hassan left Amir realized, "I was sorry, but I didn't cry and I didn't chase the car" (109). Amir is letting go of the boy who was practically his brother. Amir has so much guilt, he can't even feel the sorrow of Hassan leaving.
  • Amir realized the ending is the only important part in Afghanistan.

    After he told a random guy the end of a movie, Amir "learned that, in America, you dont reveal the end of a movie, and if you do, you will be scorned and made to apologize profusely for having commited the sin of Spoiling the End" (357). This means Afghanistan ony cares about knowing the ending and America demands the wait and anticipation. For Amir, an Afghan, all that matters in the end of the book is the happiness and well-being of his family that counts because it is the ending that matters.
  • Amir graduated from high school

    On graduation day, Baba says, "I am [proud], Amir" (131). Growing up Baba was never proud of Amir, so it means a lot to Amir. Baba now loves and accepts Amir as his son
  • Soviet Union troops finally leave

    "The last Soviet troops left Afghanistan" after the United Nations all agreed to a unilateral withdrawal(2).
  • Pakistani begins aiding Mullah Omar's men

    "Pakistani intelligence officers began funneling arms, money and supplies to Mullah Omar's men, as well as military advisers to help guide them in battle" as early as 1994 (2).
  • Taliban takes control of Afghanistan

    Even with the Pakistani aid, "the Taliban by 1996 had taken control of Afghanistan, imposing strict enforcement of fundamentalist Islamic law" (3).
  • They learn Baba has cancer

    Amir and Baba found out Baba's cancer "was called 'Oat Cell Carcinoma.' Advanced. Inoperable" (156). This is the start of a different life for Baba and Amir. They start making compromises for the illness, but also take action like marrying Amir and Sorya because they realize Baba's life will end soon.
  • Baba asks Soraya's father for her hand in marriage

    Amir told Baba, "I want you to ask General Taheri for his daughter's hand in marriage" (161). Baba and Amir have finnally worked their way up to a strong relationship after a rocky childhood. This is the last greatest thing Baba does for Amir before his death and it means a lot to Baba to know Amir is happy before he dies.
  • Rahim Khan tells Amir to rescue Hassan.

    Rahim Khan told Amir, "I want you to go to Kabul. I want you to bring Sohrab here" (220). Rahim Khan was a father figure to Amir and had the great ability to influence him. His influence on Amir gave Amir a whole new path in life which included atonement. Amir and Sohrab were both given a chance at a whole life with this request.
  • Hassan and Amir come home

    Amir and Hassan "arrived home... on a warm day in August 2001" (357). This is the start of a new life for Hassan as well as Amir. Hassan is now safe and Amir as reached atonement.
  • United States began the war in Afghanistan

    After the attack from Al Qaeda on September 11, 2001 "The United States has been militarily involved in Afghanistan since 2001"(1).
  • Hamid Karazi becomes the leader of the Country

    Hamid Karzai became the leader of Afghanistan after they "exhiled former king of Afghanistan" (3).
  • Amir flies a kite with Sohrab

    After Amir took down the opposing kite, he "looked down at Sohrab. One corner of his mouth had curled up just so. A smile" (370). This is a very important moment because Sorhab has been silent for a year and this is the start of interaction. Amir has been patiently waiting for his atonement to come through and for Hassan to start taking part in his life.
  • Karazi became president

    He was elected for a 5 year presidency after "saying he hoped to secure peace for Afghanistan and win the country much needed international aid" (3).
  • General Petraeus took control of the United States Central Command

    General Petraeus took control of the United States central Command "with responsibility for military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and across the region" (4).
  • Obama revs up the effoert in Afghanistan

    Obama decided to continue the efforts in Afghanistan when he "announced his plan to deploy 30,000 additional troops" (4).
  • Obama extends the war

    Obama decided in 2011 that "the United States will have forces in the country until at least the end of 2014" (4).
  • Ali and Hassan decide to leave

    Ali told Baba, "we are leaving, Agha Sahib" (106). The pain of what Hassan had gone through with Assef was too much for him. In addition, Ali could not let Hassan suffer being near Assef and the rejection of Amir from his guilt. This tears Baba apart and makes him feel awful, but also allows for them to easily go to America.
  • Amir pelt Hassan with pomogranates

    After Amir hit Hassan with a pomogranate he yelled, "'hit me back, goddamn you!' [He] wished he would. [He] wished he would give [him] the punishment [he] craved, so maybe [he]'d finally get to sleep at night"(92). Amir felt so guilty for watching Hassan get violated and not doing anything. He is starting to go to desperate measure to try to heal the pain.
  • Assef beats up Amir

    When Amir goes to save Sohrab, he finds Assef has captured him and Assef says, "We have some unfinished business, you and I" (286). He then continues to beat up Amir, but Amir and Sohrab escape after Sohrab saves him with a slingshot just like his father had. This shows Assefs need for dominance, he had to prove he was better than Amir after he was showed up as a child. It also shows how much Sohrab takes after his father because they both had faith in Amir and saved him.