Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

Timeline created by 16millere66
  • Amir is born

    Amir "turned 13 the summer of 1976"(pg.93)
  • Hassan runs his last kite

    Amir and Hassan were best freinds "until the winter of 1975 came along"(pg.2)
  • Amir's birthday party

    Amir "turned 13 the summer of 1976"(pg.93)
  • Period: to

    soviet invasion

    The title of the section is "1979-1996: The soviet invasion and after"(pg. 2)
  • Soviet troops arrive

    The first soviet troops "parachuted into Kabul on Dec. 27, 1979"(pg 2)
  • Amir moves to america

    The caption under chapter 11 reads "Fremont, California. 1980's"(pg.124)
  • Amir passes high school

    In the "summer of 1983, [amir] graduated high school"(pg.131)
  • Amir meets Saroya

    The summer Amir met Saroya, "the summer of 1984"(pg.136)
  • Rahim finds Hassan

    Rahim Khan "went to Hazarajat to find Hassan in 1986"(pg.203)
  • Amir gets married

    On the phone with Soraya, amir says "I want us to marry"(pg.165)
  • Baba dies

    After the wedding night "baba never woke up"(pg.173)
  • Amir writes his first book

    After baba's death, "In the sumer of 1988...I finished my first novel"(pg.182)
  • Soviet troops leave afganistan

    After peace talks "the last soviet troops left afganistan in feburary 1998"(pg.2)
  • Mullah: 12000 followers

    By the end of "1994 mullah had nearly 12000 followers"(pg.2)
  • Period: to

    Taliban take over

    Title of the section is "1996-2001: the taliban takeover"(pg. 2)
  • Phone call from Rahim Khan

    In 2001, after Amir had sucesfully established his american life"[his] freind Rahim Khan called from pakistan"(pg.1)
  • Amir goes to Afganistan

    In chapter 14, set in june 2001, Amir says "I have to go to pakistan"(pg.191)
  • Attacks by Al Qaeda

    The us attacked in response to "the sept. 11 attacks by Al Queada" (pg.1)
  • Period: to

    Post 9\11 invasion

    The title of the article is "2001-2008: Post 9\11 invasion"(pg.3)
  • Amir rescues sohrab

    After the fight Amir ran away "Sohrab's little hand in [his]"(pg.291)
  • Sorhab goes to america

    Amir went to tell sohrab that "[their] going to america"(pg.343)
  • Sorhab smiles

    Amir had waited months and "[he] blinked and the smile was gone"(pg.371)
  • Period: to

    Obama's war

    The title of the article is "2008-2011: Obama's war"(pg.4)
  • Speech by obama

    Obama gave "a speach Dec. 1, 2009"(pg 4)
  • end of us ocupation in afganistan

    the u.s. will have "forces in the country until at least the end of 2014"(pg1)