Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

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  • Amir overhears Baba's disapproval of him

    Amir finds out that "something about [him] troubles [Baba]" (23). Because Amir's personality is so different from Baba's, Amir and Baba have a complicated relationship. Baba views Amir as weak so Amir is constantly trying to get his father's approval.
  • The Communist coup d'etat begins in Afghanistan

    Gunfire awakes Amir and Hassan, and they "huddleld that way until the early hours of the morning" (36). Although this doesn't affect Amir at the time, it greatly impacts his future. The taliban would only further complicate the situation.
  • Hassan stands up for Amir against Assef

    Hassan stands up for Amir against Assef, but Assef vows to "make [them] face [him] one on one" (43). Hassan stands up to Assef, making Assef think he has a score to settle with Hassan. This event also contributes to Amir feeling guilty, because he would not help Hassan in the same situation Hassan had helped him.
  • Amir wins the kite competition

    When Amir hears the crowd cheefing on behalf of his victory, he "wonders if Baba's voice was one of them" (65). Amir was obviously trying to impress his father because he knew Baba views him as weak. Amir thinks that winning the competition will finally get his father to give him the attention he desires.
  • Hassan is assaulted by Assef

    Amir does not make an attempt to save Hassan from Assef "the way [Hassan] stood up for [him] all those times in the past" (77). This moment is where Amir's life would be changed forever. Amir is guilty for not helping Hassan and becomes more and more distant with him, eventually driving him away.
  • Amir accuses Hassan of stealing

    Amir "planted [his] new watch and a handful of Afghan bills under [Hassan's mattress]" and framed him for stealing it (104). Amir does this so Baba would fire Ali and Hassan. Amir was so guilty that he did not even want Hassan in his life anymore.
  • Ali and Hassan leave Baba and Amir

    Ali quits his job as Baba's servant because "life is impossible for [them] now" (106). Amir succeded in getting rid of Hassan, but he soon realizes it was a mistake. He drove Ali away even though Baba wants them to stay.
  • The Soviet Union Invades Afghanistan

    Afghanistan's time as a stable and relateively prosperous country ended when " the first Soviet troops parachuted into Kubal on Dec. 27, 1979" (2).
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    Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • Baba and Amir flee to America

    Amir and Baba flee a wartorn Afghanistan for California which, for Baba, "is a place to mourn" (129). Amir life changes significantly while in America. He loses many loved ones and discovers many new things about himself and others.
  • Baba dies of cancer

    As Baba's health continues to diminish, he goes to sleep one night, but "never woke up" (173). In America, Amir and Baba finally become closer. Amir finally felt that, for once in his life, he has a father that supported him.
  • Soviet Troops Finally Leave Afghanistan

    The Soviet troops finally withdraw from Afghanistan "after peace talks moderated by the United Nations" (2).
  • The Taliban Gains Support From Pakistan

    Without Pakistan funneling arms, money, and supplies to Mullah Omar's men, the Taliban "would have withered away" (3).
  • Power Divides Among Warlards

    As a result of the Soviet Union's invasion, Afghanistan's power "was anarchically divided among competing warlords and individual fiefdom" (2).
  • The Taliban Takes Over

    After promising the restoration of central Islamic life, "Mullah Omar had nearly 12,000 followers" (2).
  • The Taliban Takes Over

    Because of the support Pakistan provided, the Taliban was able to "take control of Afghanistan...imposing strict enforcement of Islamic law" (3).
  • Rahim Khan calls Amir

    A dying Rahim Kahn calls Amir to tell him that he "[has] to go to Pakistan" (191). When Amir moved to America he decided to forget about his past. Amir realizes he is forced to go back with all the memories of his mistakes.
  • Hassan's real father is discovered

    Amir finds out that "Ali was sterile", and that Hassan was his half-brother (222). Amir is furious that they have been keeping this secret. He feels even more angry realizing Hassan would never know this.
  • Hassan is killed by the Taliban

    Rahim Khan reveals that the taliban "shot [Hassan] in the back of the head" (219). Amir is guilty for never atoning to his actions of dishonesty with Hassan. This also serves as a blowback because Amir would never be able to make things right with Hassan again.
  • Amir tries to rescue Sohrab from Assef

    Amir has to "earn his freedom" by fighting Assef to the death (287). This was Amir's one chance of atomement. Amir had failed to rescue Hassan many years ago, so he does whatever it takes to save Hassan's son.
  • Sohrab attempts suicide

    Sohrab is revealed to have attempted suicide when Amir "stepped into the bathroom...on [his] knees screaming" (343). Sohrab is traumatized from his recent experiences. Despite the good news, Sohrab would rather just kill himself than move to America.
  • Amir ran kites for Sohrab

    When Amir offers to run Sohrab's kite, he says "For you, a thousand times over" (371). Amir and Sohrab developed a relationship as father and son. Amir runs kites for Sohrab, which is what Hassan used to do for him.
  • The Taliban Is Driven Out

    After the Taliban refused to hand over Mr. bin Laden, the United States "joined forces with rebel groups who had never accepted Taliban rule" (3).
  • Hamid Karzai's Rise to Power

    Hamid Karzai was named chairman of an interim government, berfore "taking office as interim president" (3).
  • Obama Plans to Start Bringing Americans Home

    President Obama delivered a speech vowing to "start bringing American Forces home from Afghanistan" (4).
  • Deadline to Come Home

    Obama's original plan was to bring back American forces in 2011, but he has been "changed his tone to emphasize the idea that the United States will have forces in the country until at least 2014" (4).