Labor Movement

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  • Commonwealth v.s. Pullis

    Commonwealth v.s.  Pullis
    Shoemakers in Philadephia created the Federal Society of Journeymen Cordwainers, and they fought for stable wages. Then the union decreased the wages and the Journeymen struck for wages. The strikers were then stopped when their leader was crimmied for conspiarcy. The Philadelphia Mayor’s Court, decided the striking workers were illegal conspirators and were guilty.
  • Shoe MakerStrike

    Shoe MakerStrike
    The shoemakers of Lynn, Massachusetts were angered of lost of jobs because of the economic crisis. 3,000 shoemakers gathered in Lyceum Hall and demanded a higher wage because they were earning between one and three dollars a week. This caused other shoemakers to join and this created the biggest gathering of workers striking against the union.
  • Knights of Labor

    Knights of Labor
    The Knights of Labor were created in Philadelphia by the seven tailors as a secret organization for workers, The knights believed in shorter work days and the end of child labor. By the year 1878 the Knights were the national labor union.
  • Tompkins Square Riot

    Tompkins Square Riot
    The riot occured in New York City in Tompskin Square Park. The New York Police Department stopped unemployed protesters from demostrating their anger about the depression. The unemployed were protesting for the mayor of NY to create a public work program.
  • The Great Rail Road Strike

    The Great Rail Road Strike
    The strike was held in Martinsburg, West Virginia and spread to Baltimore, Ohio and Pittsburgh. The riot was about the cuts in wages to the rail road industrie. This lead to violence and even a building getting set on fire by angered strikers. To stop the people, Pinkerton agents were called to break up the riot.
  • The Haymarket Riot

    The Haymarket Riot
    This affair occured in Chicago when a group of people rallied in support of striking workers. Then an unknown person threw a bomb into the crowd and all chaos broke loose; police men fired into the crowd. As a result of the bomb and the chaos eight police men and several civilians died.
  • AFL American Federation of Labor

    AFL American Federation of Labor
    One of the first federations of labor in the Unined States. The AFL focued on fighting for wages, hours, and working conditions. The major tactic used by the AFL was strikes.
  • Homestead Strike

     Homestead Strike
    The Homestead Strike was in Pittsburgh. Workers were fighting for their wages. A majority of the workers were part of Andrew Carnegie's empire. They protested about a 20 percent wage cut. As a result of the Strike several of the workers diesd by an attack from Pinkerton agents.
  • Western Federation of Miners WFL

    Western Federation of Miners WFL
    The WFL was a labor union that started in the Western United States. The WFL was created by miners and were known to be a violent orginazation. This view started after the strike in Cripple Creek , Colorado. There miners were angered at the fact that the work days were incresed from eight hours to ten. As a result the miners used dynamite on buildings and mines.
  • Pullman Strike

    Pullman Strike
    This incident occured when George Mortimer Pullman treated his workers poorly. George had created a city "Pullman City" which would house all of his workers. When the depression hit Pullmam City, wages were cut 25%. Despite the wage cuts the rent of living space did not go down and this caused workers to go in debt. This then lead for workers to stop trains with Pullman cars going to Chicago. With angred workers, striking broke loose and the president called in federal troops to.
  • Labor Day

    Labor Day
    Congress declared Labor day a national holiday.