LaQeira Crandell

Timeline created by l.crandell08
  • Date of birth

    Date of birth
    I was born 6 lbs. 5 oz. and 18 1/2 in. long on June 19, 1993.
  • First steps

    First steps
    I was around the age of 1 when I took my first steps. Taking the first steps is a big moment in a child's life. Not just for them but for the parents too.
  • My first birthday party

    My first birthday party
    I was 2 when I had my first birthday party. It wasn't a big party. It was just a little gathering with friends and family in our backyard. It turned out to be fun.
  • First time feeding myself

    First time feeding myself
    The first time I fed myself I was 3 years old. I started out with simple foods like noodles. Then as I got older, I learned how to eat the bigger things.
  • First train ride (at the train station)

    First train ride (at the train station)
    I was 5 years old on my first train ride. We we're going to Florida. I don't remember alot about the trip but, I do remember where we we're going.
  • Lost my first tooth

    Lost my first tooth
    I lost my first tooth when I was in kindergarten. Losing my tooth made me feel like I was finally a big girl. I was growing up and I was excited about it.
  • First award

    First award
    I was 6 years old when I got my first award. It was for making the principles list in the 1st grade.
  • First time at a museum

    First time at a museum
    I was 9 years old when I first went to a museum. The museum I went to was Franklin Institute. I was in primary school. I had alot of fun.
  • 4th grade school picture

    4th grade school picture
    I was getting ready to go to middle school. I was kind of scared because I was going to be the youngest in a bigger school. Being in the 4th grade made me feel mature because I was the oldest at this time but i knew that was going to change within the next year.
  • Graduate from middle school

    Graduate from middle school
    Graduating from middle school was a time of mixed emotions for me. I automatically thought I had to get myself prepared for "the big world." It seemed like I had to grow up to be in high school and I had to do it fast and if i didn't, I would be left behind on alot of things.
  • First day of high school

    First day of high school
    Freshman year was good. It was alot better than what I thought it was going to be. I had alot of fun this year.
  • First time getting braces

    First time getting braces
    First time getting my braces, I was 14 years old. I was excited to get them because I already wanted a new look. The braces were great for a few good months.
  • Graduate from high school

    Graduate from high school
    Class of 2011. Graduating from high school has made me prepare myself for what being an adult has to offer. It puts college and making my own money on my mind. These are the two main things that are important at this point.
  • Licensed for radiology

    Licensed for radiology
    At this point, I will probably be just finishing or about to finish school to become an ultra-sound technician. Looking for a job in this field would be the main priorities right now.