Latin America Independence

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    1807: Napoleon invaded Portugal.
    1815: Juan VI promoted a legal reform.
    1821: Juan VI returned to Portugal, leaving his son Pedro de Braganza as governor of Brazil.
    1822: He proclaimed himself emperor of Brazil.1822: He proclaimed himself emperor of Brazil.
    1831: He abdicated and was succeeded by his son, Pedro II.
    1889: Portugal independence.
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    1809:First Call for Independence.
    1810:Quito's massacre.
    1820: Independence of Guayaquil Oct 9th.
    1822:Pichincha's Triumph.
    Final victory May 24th, 1822
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    1810: Wave of hunger.
    1811 - 1815: First Constitution of Mexico.
    1812: Plan of Iguala and Agustin Iturbide proclaims himself emperor.
    1833: Lopez de Santa Anna was proclaimed president of the Republic.
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    Argentina, Paraguay & Uruguay

    1810:Buenos Aires 3 failed attempts.
    1811:Spontaneous Revolution set Paraguay free. Banda Oriental
    Las Piedras Battle.
    1816: United Provinces of South America.
    1825:Uruguay entered in a war with Brazil.
    Argentina final victory febrary 1st, 1820 battle of Cepeda.
    Uruguay final victory 1828.
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    New Granada & Venezuela

    1817:Bolívar, Piar, Páez and others reactivated the war.
    1818:New Granada & Venezuela Bolivar faced and defeated Morillo in Calabozo.
    1819: Pantano de Vargas battle.
    1821: A Venezuelan's victory in the battle of Carabobo gave Venezuela its independence.
    Final victory
    June 25th, 1821.
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    Central America

    1821:United Provinces of the Center of America.
    1838: Separation.
    1838 - 1840: Civil War
    1841: England invaded Belize.
    1904: Panama part of the Viceroyalty of New Granada.
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    1848: Scream of Yara.
    1898: The US declares war on Spain.
    1899:Cuba independence
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    1,868 BCE

    Puerto Rico

    1868: the Scream of Lares.
    Puerto Rico continues within the Spanish system until the war between EE. UU and Spain.
    It is not an independent country.