Latin America Independence

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  • Paraguay

    - Paraguay had its independence May 14, 1811
    Major battles:
    -The Battle of Paraguarí in 1811
    -The Battle of Tacuarí in 1811
    - Portuguese invasion of 1812
    -Triple Alliance War of 1864
    Additional Information;
    - José de San Martín, who promoted the Congress of Tucumán, which founded the Provinces Nations of South America
    - A spontaneous revolution broke out in Asuncion and the resulting government remained independent.
  • Chile

    - Chile had its independence April 5, 1818
    Major battles:
    -The Battle of the Oak 1813
    -The Battle of Striped Court Combat 1814
    -The Battle of the Three Acequias 1814
    -The battle of Chacabuco 1817
    Additional Information;
    -San Martín was not discouraged and decided to continue
    with his plans, only now first he had to
    liberate Chile.
    -For that he dedicated years to manufacture weapons, bullets and all kinds of supplies, and to organize the Army of the Andes.
  • Argentina

    - Argentina had its independence February 1, 1820
    Major battles:
    -The Combat of Maracana.1811
    -The Combat of Saint Nicholas.1811
    -The Cotagaita Combat. 1810
    -The battle of Suipacha. 1810
    Additional Information;
    -The first Junta of Buenos Aires organized three military campaigns to subdue the Spanish forces from the interior, but they were not successful.
    -Until independence was achieved on February 1,1820
  • New Granada and Venezuela

    New Granada and Venezuela
    - Venezuela had its independence June 25, 1821
    Major battles:
    -The battle of La Victoria 1814
    -The battle of San Mateo 1814
    -The Naval Battle of Lake Maracaibo 1823
    -The first battle of Carabobo 1814
    Additional Information;
    -Bolívar crossed the Andes and defeated
    to the royalists in the battle of Pantano de Vargas
    -One more year of skirmishes and Morillo and Bolívar
    sign the War Regularization Treaty
    -The royalist army is defeated, the final victory of the independence of Venezuela
  • Ecuador

    - Ecuador had its independence May 24, 1822
    Major battles:
    -The battle of Pichincha 1822
    -The battle of Guayaquil 1860
    -Air-naval combat Puerto Bolívar 1941
    -The battle of Ayacucho 1824
    Additional Information;
    -The arrival of the patriot army commanded by Antonio José de Sucre, and its triumph in Pichincha
    -Bolívar defeated the royalists in the battle of Bomboná, and entered Quito in triumph.
  • Peru

    - Peru had its independence December 9, 1824
    Major battles:
    -The Battle of the Apacheta. 1814
    -The Combat of Arequipa. 1823
    -The Combat of Ataura. 1821
    -The Surprise of Azapa. 1823
    Additional Information;
    -San Martín managed to buy a naval squad to attack the Spanish in Peru by sea.
    -San Martín declared independence and was appointed Protector of Peru with full civil and military authority.
  • Uruguay

    - Uruguay had its independence in 1828
    Major battles:
    -The Battle of Corralito. 1870
    -The Battle of Cagancha. 1839
    -The Combat of Costa Brava. 1842
    -The Battle of Caseros. 1852
    Additional Information;
    -It became part of the United Provinces of Río de la Plata again, thanks to the members of the Banda Oriental peoples.
    -On August 25, 1825, thousands of Orientals in arms moved to Piedra Alta, and proclaimed their will to be free "from all the tyrants of the Universe."