LEED Development

Timeline created by aengineer
  • ASTM Committee

    Environmental Assessment and Risk Management Committee started. It created a successful standard for checking for site contamination Note: Many of the events in this timeline are drawn from David Gottfried's book "Explosion Green"
  • LEED's BREEAM Background

    Gottfried paper in 1993 for GBC notes that he learned from the British BREEAM assessment effort. Note:
    DG characterizes a separate Canadian attempt as "complicated and ultimately failed."
  • AIA Conference

  • DG Met Mike Italiano

    Attorney and head of ASTM committee
  • Katz Environmental Consulting

    Formed as subsidiary of developers by David Gottfried
  • ASTM Sub-Committee on Green Building

    David Gottfried chaired and built it. Slow action because of consensus approach.
  • Green Building Standard

    David Gottfried wrote a 50pp draft over a weekend for ASTM Subcommittee
  • DG Left Development

    Initially no plan, but then form new green consulting firm.
  • USGBC Founded

    Rick Fedrizzi, Mike Italiano, and David Gottfried start the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which aims to promote sustainability through eco-friendly plans, designs, and operation of buildings.
  • Founding of GBC

    After lobbyist who got congressional appropriation backed out due to conflict. David and Mike expanded idea on the fly and got major manufacturer support for Green Building Council
  • Support for GBC

    Searched for support from all affected sectors. Architects, Engineers, manufacturers were relatively easy.
  • Rick Fedrizzi Recruited for GBC Chair

    Carrier's director of environmental marketing.
  • Initial Funding from Memberships

    Achieved goal was $100K in first two months
  • Avoid Trade Organizations

    Decision was that trade organizations would limit desired changes. He notes that GBC changed that policy later.
  • First annual green Building conference

    Held at NIST, an early partner.
  • CSI Joined GBC

  • DG quit GBC

    Due funding shortage
  • LEED Technical Committee

    Engineers Tom Paladino and Lynn Barker co-chair LEED’s newly founded technical committee.
  • DG Returns to GBC

    Funding problems were killing GBC. He asked to return.
  • LEED Inception

    Rob Watson of NRDC became chair of GBC committee. Arranged for $800K of DOE funding over two years to develop it.
  • LEED-NC v.1.0

    LEED-NC v.1.0, LEED’s pilot version, is established.
  • GSA Joins USGBC

    The US General Services Administration (GSA) becomes the first federal member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Eventually, GSA would require all federal offices to be LEED-certified, favoring this rating systems over other green building standards.
  • LEED NCv2.2 Developed

  • Energy Policy Act of 2005

    The Energy Policy Act of 2005 requires federal agencies to apply sustainable design principles to the siting, design, construction, and maintenance of all new buildings.
  • Pilot LEED for Homes

  • US Executive Order

    "President George W. Bush signs Executive Order 13423 aimed at “Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management”.
    The order requires federal agencies to achieve “goals in the areas of energy efficiency, acquisition, renewable energy, toxics reductions, recycling, renewable energy, sustainable buildings, electronics stewardship, fleets, and water conservation” in at least 15 percent of its existing building inventory."
  • LEED For Homes Launch

  • LEED v3

  • Note On Sources

    The entries here come from two sources.
    David Gottfried's Book: Explosion Green