Legislation Timeline

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In History
  • Plessy V Ferguson

    A man named Homer Plessy argued that it was a violation of his 14th amendment to be put in separate sections of a car based on race. He lost 7-1 after it made its was to the supreme court. It came to be known as separate but equal laws. This affected any minorities who did not get the same resources as whites did from education to food.
  • Brown V Board of Education

    Oliver Brown fought the education system with 12 other black families when the government made her go to a school further from her because schools were segregated. The decision was first upheld with a precedence of Plessy V Ferguson. It was later reheard by the supreme court and Marshall Thrugood was able to overturn the decision, and integrate all schools.
  • Title IX

    The Title IX Education Amendment of 1972 was monumental for gender equality in schools. This was passed after feminists in the 1970's stated that gender was a class that could be discriminated. The law was passed so that all students could not be excluded from school activities based on gender.
  • Plyler V Doe

    The case of Plyler V Doe forced schools to allow children in without proof of citizenship. The law was passed when Texas schools were denying education to undocumented immigrants, or forcing fees for students enrolled without documentation. The law was affecting primarily Mexican american immigrants.