Legislation Timeline

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  • Plessy v.Ferguson

    Plessy v.Ferguson
    In act 1890, Plessy V Ferguson require railway that carries passengers coaches which to provide equal, separate accommodations for white and color races. Understand the two or more passenger coaches for each passenger train, divides the passenger coaches by a partition to secure separate accommodations; and providing that no person shall be permitted to occupy seats in coaches other than the ones assigned to them
  • Brown v. the Board of Education, Topeka

    Brown v. the Board of Education, Topeka
    Brown V. The Board of Education a supreme court case the culture segregation in schools unconstitutional separated children's of different race, it has had a huge impact in society world leaving a lot of discrimination. from then a stand against ruling segregation was made, having same right.
  • Title IX

    Title IX
    1972, A federal law with different sex should not be excluded, where females and males should have equal rights of the same opportunities this mean females have right participating in any sports and feeling free making its own decisions, providing the law protection for people from discrimination based their sex.
  • Education of all Handicapped Children Act

    Education of all Handicapped Children Act
    Act that provides a equal right to each student with a disability family, such as a child, youth requiring both free access to special education and a meal for each day, elevate their education and protect their rights. receiving special education to meet their individual needs.
  • Pyler v. Doe

    Pyler v. Doe
    Any state is forced to have the right to afford child's education depending on the child's immigration statues. no child left behind, child's immigrants have same equal rights as others to have same education and be able to go to school and not live in a world of discrimination.