LEGO Evolution

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  • The Creation of Legos

    The Creation of Legos
    Ole Kirk Christiansen was a carpenter in Denmark who needed a way to make money in 1932 when the Great Depression was plaguing the world. He began by creating a company that manufactured products out of wood such as ladders, ironing boards, and wooden toys. Wooden toys had not been a product line before, so Ole Kirk Christiansen was trying something completely new.
  • LEGO

    Ole Kirk Christiansen names his business LEGO which combines the two Danish words “leg godt,” meaning “play well.” He also created the first logo for LEGO that is vastly different than the logo we know today. This first logo was geared more towards shipping labels, correspondence, and printed materials
  • First Wooden Duck

    First Wooden Duck
    The Lego company created its first wooden duck in 1935. The duck had wheels and children were able to pull it around on a string.
  • "Only the best is good enough"

    "Only the best is good enough"
    Ole Kirk Christiansen adopted the slogan "only the best is good enough" which set a standard for the brand. Lego has been associated with good quality toys for it entire life as a company and this slogan reflects their desire to produce well made toys.
  • Logo Used on Toys

    Logo Used on Toys
    The “LEGO Fabriken Billund” logo was the first logo to be stamped onto toys.
  • New Look

    New Look
    This logo was geared more towards toys and was used widely on wooded toys such as cars and ducks. This logo was not used as a stamp but as a decal.
  • First Plastic Bricks

    First Plastic Bricks
    In 1949 Lego expanded its products and created a variety of toys including plastic bricks. These first plastic bricks resemble the ones we know today, but were not the exact same. The company is still producing wooden toys as well.
  • LEGO Mursten

    LEGO Mursten
    Ole’s son, Godtfred, wanted to expand the LEGO name and make it more recognizable, so he changed the name of their building bricks from Automatic Binding Bricks to LEGO Mursten. LEGO Mursten translates to LEGO Bricks.
  • Standardizing the Logo

    Standardizing the Logo
    In 1955 the LEGO logo was standardized for the first time. This logo was used on all products including both wooden and plastic toys.
  • New Management

    New Management
    In 1958 Ole Kirk Kristiansen passed away and his son Godtfred became the head of the compnay. Godtfred also launched another logo that resembles the present day logo and is easily recognizable as the LEGO we know today.
  • Wood Aflame

    Wood Aflame
    In 1960 the wooden toy warehouse burned down in a large fire, and the company decides to stop the production of wooden toys all together. LEGO becomes a company the produces only the iconic plastic building bricks
  • Building Instructions

    Building Instructions
    In 1964 LEGO including building instructions with every model set and become a natural addition. This allowed kids to build what was on the box with ease.

    LEGOLAND was established in 1968 bringing in 625,000 people through its gates in its first season. 3,000 people visited on opening day.
  • Into the U.S.

    Into the U.S.
    In 1973 LEGO began its production and distribution of its toys in the United States. That same year the LEGO logo widely known today was launched in an effort to standardize the logo and create an image that could be recognized throughout the world. It remains the most recognizable image of the brands identity
  • Mini Figures

    Mini Figures
    In 1978 LEGO developed their iconic figurines with their yellow faces and boxy bodies. These figurines accompanied many of the model kits, and they have become a recognizable feature of LEGO toys.
  • Refinement

    LEGO made some refinements to its logo. They kept in generally the same, but changed a few little things for better digital redistribution. This is the iconic LEGO logo that we see today.
  • "Children are our role models"

    "Children are our role models"
    LEGO's mission and core beliefs are changed to "Children are our role models". LEGO also signs a contract with Warner Bros. to launch Harry Potter themed LEGO sets.
  • "Play on"

    "Play on"
    LEGO launches their new brand statement that replaces "Just Imagine" to "Play on". This statement reflects their goal to allow all ages to enjoy their products.
  • LEGO Movie

    LEGO Movie
    In February the LEGO movie makes its depute across the world and attracts a lot of attention. People love it and it gets good reviews.