Lesson 2 Timeline

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  • 270


    By 270 bc the Mauryan ERmpire expanded his power southern across the Deccan Plateau. The government was very strict and organized. It controlled many aspects of life, such as how artisans worked and how doctors treated there patients.
  • 320

    Chandragupta Maurya

    He was a soldier that seized power in India. He started the Mauryan Empire, the first Indian Empire, and extended it to the borders of Persia.
  • 550

    Persian Empire

    From about 550 to 320 bc the empire streched from the Meditarean Sea to the Indus River Valley. The Persian Empire was constructed after the persians invaded the lands of these people. At it's height, the Persian Empire ruled 20 provinces.
  • 551

    Darius I

    Darius I, who followed Cyrus, brought the Persian Empire to India. Although war and blood helped build this ruler historians believe that Cyrus might have been a tolerant ruler.
  • 553


    This was a religion founded by the Persian Prophet Zoroaster in what is known today as Iran. Although Persian religion recognized many, gods Zoroaster identified one god and the enemy as evil.
  • Dec 2, 1500

    The Veda's

    The Veda's or books of knowledge contain these writings. According to the Veda's, the Aryans waged many wars among there groups or tribes. The Veda's also described contests between gods and humans
  • Dec 2, 1500

    Objects of the Aryans

    The Aryans left behind very few objects for archeologists to find such as pottery, jelery, pots, ruins or buildings. What they did leave was literatur and scrips of there language mainly found in the temples.
  • Dec 2, 1500


    The Brahims society was organized according these beliefs. Priests or teachers were at the top of the social classes.
  • Dec 2, 1501


    The Aryans spoke Sanskrit, a different language from other people who were living in the valley. In the valley, the Aryans continued their nomadic way of life, herding cattle, sheep, and goats.
  • Dec 2, 1502

    Aryans conquer

    About 1500 b.c., another group of people, called the Aryanz, invaded the Indus River.
  • Dec 2, 1502

    Aryan Culture

    The Aryans formed groups that were leaded by a priest or leader. Councils advised these leaders. the group traded with each other, using cattle and gold for money. As the Aryan society became more prosperous many conflicts arose among the groups. In the battle of the ten kings, one group one and the other groups were now under there law.
  • Dec 2, 1503


    The sudra's were almost like peasants. on a social pyramid they would be rated one over the peasants. These Sudra's are required to farm the land and serve others
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  • Harrappan Culture

    It's culture had spread through much of the Indus River Valley. Remains found at Harrappa reveal complex architecture and planning.
  • Harappa

    This is home to many or thousands of people. Artifacts disclose how these people live. People know that they did have a system of writing. But unlike the Nubians w can't decode the language they speak.