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  • Libertarian party founded

    The Libertarian party was founded in the home of David Noland by people from the democrat and republican parties along with new polititians.
  • presidential canidates help gain reputation

    Roger MacBride and his running mate David Bergland are put on the ballot in 32 states and recieve over 170,000 votes
  • libertarians take office

    Dick Randolph is the first libertarian to become a us legislator, and a permanent spot on the california ballot is obtained as 80,000 voters register libertarian.
  • Ed Clark runs for president

    Ed Clark is on the ballot in all 50 states and gets over 1 million votes.
  • David Bergland and Jim Lewis

    Bergland and Lewis take third in the race for president. Andre Marrou is the third libertarian to be elected as an alaskan legislator and 11 other libertarians are elected across the nation.
  • Ron Paul joins the party

    Former Texas Representative Ron Paul joins the Libertarian Party and is nominated as a presidential candidate along with Andre Marrou for vice president.
  • Ron Paul for president

    Ron Paul recieves 430,000 votes, coming in third for the presidency. The libertarians where now doubling the votes any other third party candidate recieved.
  • Double digits

    Libertarians recieve roughly 2,000,000 votes, many candidates gain percentage votes in double digits.
  • Andre Marrou

    Andre marrou beats president George Bush in dixville, new hampshire the first city to vote. New Hampshire also elects four Libertarian state legislators.The presidential nominee is again on all 50 states ballots along with the Washington D.C. ballot.
  • Third party speaks up

    National Director Stuart Reges testifies before Congress, asking to make it easier for third party candidates to appear in presidential debates. In off year elections 15 Libertarians take public office.
  • more libertarians take office.

    More than 40 Libertarians take office and Help stop President Clinton’s takeover of the U.S, health care system. In November, more than 2.2 million people will vote Libertarian.
  • Population jump

    members and voters registered as libertarian makes a jump and The national headquarters is moved to the watergate building.
  • first twice on the ballot

    The libertarians become the first third party in the history of the U.S. to have a presidential candidate on the ballot of all 50 states and Washinton D.C. two years in a row. They also Get 5.4 million votes on federal and state level.
  • 39 libertarians elected

    a record setting 39 libertarians are elected to office including four city counselors
  • record for running candidates

    African american Civil rights leader Roy Innis and talk radio host Art Bell Join the libertarians and the party sets a record of 853 running candidates in 44 states with 19 candidates elected
  • activism moves to the internet

    The party makes adaptions in political activism by taking to the internet with a campaign against the FDIC's "know your customer" bank-spying regulation which ultimately resulted in the FDIC withdrawing the plan.
  • Harry Browne nominated again

    with 1,436 LP candidates the Libertarians contested a majority of Congressional seats. Libertarian candidates get over 1.7 million votes and Harry Browne gets 382,892 votes, and 34 Libertarians are elected.
  • Libertarian becomes the most successful third party in 50 years

    76 LP candidates are elected to office and the number of libertarians holding political offices nears 500
  • 1 million house votes twice

    1,642 LP candidates run for office and get More than 3.4 million votes. The Libertarians also got over 1 million votes for its house candidates for the second time which before was only accomplished by the Democrats and Republicans.
  • Bob Barr runs for president

    Libertarians nominate former congressman Bob Barr for president and he gets 523,686 votes in November. 50 Libertarians are elected. Libertarians running for house break 1million votes for the 4th time.