Libertarian Party

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  • Libertarian Party Founded

    They wished to create an alternative to the other parties.
  • Where it was founded

    It was founded in the home of David Nolan.
  • First woman to recieve and electoral vote

    The first woman to recieve and electoral vote was from the Libertarian Party.
  • Presidential candidates

    Presidential candidate Roger MacBride and David Bergland ran.
  • Votes recieved

    Roger MacBride and David Bergland received over 170,000 votes.
  • Libertarian Party Runnings

    Ed Clark receives 5 percent of the vote in his race for governor of California
  • Elected

    Dick Randolph of Alaska became the first elected Libertarian state legislator.
  • Ed Clark

    Ed Clark appeared on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and earned almost 1 million votes.
  • Re- Elected

    In the same year that Ed Clark recieved all these votes, Dick Randolph is re-elected to the Alaska state legislature
  • Largest votes recieved for a 3rd party candidate

    Ray Cullen, candidate for California Treasurer, got 570,000 votes, which was the largest ever for a third-party candidate in that state at that time.
  • City Council Race

    Libertarians swept the city council race in Big Water, Utah, winning every seat that year.
  • Largest voting

    Approximately 2 million people voted for the Libertarian Party candidates. Their popularity is growing over the years.
  • Libertarian Party Activists

    Libertarian Party activists participated in the successful effort to stop Clinton’s takeover of the health care system. In November, more than 650 Libertarian candidates ran for office, and more than 2.2 million people voted for them.
  • Ballot Status

    The Libertarian Party became the first third party in U.S. history to earn ballot status in all 50 states two presidential elections in a row.
  • Joining the party

    African-American civil rights leader Roy Innis joined the party.
  • Largest party running

    The party ran 1,642 candidates for office, which was the largest slate of third-party candidates since before World War II.
  • Offering strategies

    The Libertarian Party goes on to offer the American people an Iraq Exit Strategy
  • 48

    Throughout the year, 48 Libertarians were elected or re-elected to public office
  • Switching to the Libertarian Party

    In Indianapolis, Councilmember Ed Coleman officially switched his affiliation to Libertarian.
  • Pamela Brown

    Pamela Brown, ran for California Lieutenant Governor against both a Republican and a Democrat, and recieved 574,640 votes