Libertarian Party

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In History
  • When the Libertarian Party began

    The Libertarian Party was created by republicans,democrats,and political newcomers that met up in Colorado Springs at David Nolan's home. This happened on December 11, 1971.
  • First National convention

    The First National convention happened in Denver, Colorado. In this event, Tonie Nathan, the Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate, became the first women in U.S. history to receive an electoral vote.
  • Libertarians gain "unique appeal on both the left and right."

    Roger MacBride, Presidential candidate, and David Bergland, running mate, gain 32 states in ballot status and get over 170,000 voters.
  • More Libertarians

    In California, more than 80,000 voters registered as Libertarians.
  • Ed Clark's campaign

    Ed Clark appears in all the 50 states ballot and in the District of Colombia's too. He earned almost one million votes. His campaign offers many Americans what the Libertarian Party offers.
  • Andre Marrou

    Andre Marrou becomes the third Libertarian elected for Alaska legislator. Nationwide, 11 other Libertarians are elected.
  • Sweep the city council race

    Libertarians sweep the city council race, winning every seat in Big Water, Utah.
  • Double Digit Day

    The Libertarian Party gets about 2 million voters. The election is "Double Digit Day" for the Libertarians.
  • Cal Warburton and Finley Rotthaus

    Cal Warburton and Finley Rotthaus, New Hampshire state legislators, resign from the Republican Party to join the Libertarian Party.
  • Libertarian state legislators

    Four Libertarian state legislators are elected in New Hampshire in the general election.
  • Stuart Reges testifies before congress

    Stuart Reges, National Director of the Libertarian Party, testifies before Congress, that a third party candidates appear on presidential debates. Also, 15 Libertarians win public office during "off-year" elections.
  • President Clinton's takeover

    Libertarians set a record by having more than 40 of them elected or appointed to stop President Clinton's takeover of the nation's health care sytem. In November, more than 2.2 million people vote Libertarian.
  • The prestigious Watergate Office Building

    The Libertarian Party moves its National headquarters into the prestigious Watergate Office Building. Libertarians Bruce Van Buren, Dewayne Methaney, and Doug Carsten, are elected to city councils.
  • The first third party

    The Libertarian Party becomes the first third party in the United States to earn ballot status in all 50 states.
  • Another record

    The Libertarians set off another record in the "off-year" election party with 39 Libertarians elected to office in November.
  • 382,892 votes

    The Libertarian Party ticket gets 382,892 votes. 34 Libertarians get elected.
  • Ballot Access News reports

    The Ballot Access News reports that the Libertarian Party is the most succesful third party in 50 years.
  • 1,642 candidates for office

    The Libertarian Party runs 1,642 candidates for office and its U.S. House candidates receive over 1 million votes for the second time.
  • Nearly 600 officeholders

    46 Libertarians are elected to local office during "off-year" election. The Libertarian Party has nearly 600 officeholders, more than the other third parties put together.
  • Offer by the Libertarian Party

    The Libertarian Party offers America and Iraq Exit Strategy.