libretarian party (History of political party)

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  • date started

    libertarian party was started on dec.11,1971 by a man named David Nolan
  • first national convention

    John hospers in nominated for presidential election with a vice presidential elector Tonie Nathan who was the first female candidate to gain a vote
  • another presedential candidate

    Roger MacBride a presidential candidate and his running mate David Bergland gain over 170,000 votes in 32 diffrent states
  • first elected libretarian state legislature

    Dick Randolph becomes the first elected libretarian state legislature in alaska
  • govorner of california

    Ed Clark gained 5% of votes in his run for governor of california
  • another state legislature

    Ken Fanning is elected into the state legislature for the first time
  • becoming known

    Ed Clark is shown on 50 state ballots and is aired on television to show America their first glimpse into the libertarian party while at the same time Dick Randolph is re-elected into state lesgislature
  • going strong

    James Agnew a congressional candidate received 23% votes while in Alaska Dick Randolph recieved 15% votes also in Arizona Sam Steiger received 5% votes
  • making history

    David Bergland is on the ballot in 39 states as well as Jim Lewis and they come in 3rd place for the first time in libretarian history.
  • best 3rd party

    Ray Cullen recieves 570,000 the largest ever for a 3rd party candidate
  • Ron Paul

    Ron Paul gets on the ballot in 46 states and comes in 3rd in us presidency
  • ganing presteige

    2 mill people vote for libretarian party candidates and they gain anywhere from teens to 30% votes
  • gaining members

    Cal Warburton and Finlay Rothhaus from new hampshire join the LP
  • getting bigger

    Andre Marrou from new hampshire beats president George bush Dixville Notch first state to vote
  • helping 3rd parties

    national director Stuart Reges testifies before congress trying to make it easier for 3rd parties to to have presidential candidates
  • stopping clinton

    over 40 libretarians are elected to stop clintons takeover
  • raising the bar

    memberships and votes hit an all time high
  • record

    lp becomes first 3rd party to gain ballots in all 50 states
  • gaining numbers

    African American civil rights leader Roy Innis and talk radio host Art Bell join party
  • breaking grounds

    fights agaings FDICs internet spying campaign