Life in Nakaya's Place...

Timeline created by Nakaya
  • 15 February 1997

    Toni Braxton - Un-Break My Heart
    11 weeks STRAIGHT!
  • through 23 August 1997

    Puff Daddy and Faith Evans feat. 112 - I'll Be Missing You
    11 weeks STRAIGHT!
  • Song of 1997

    Men in Black came out on this day
  • The Day Nakaya Came To Be

    The Day Nakaya Came To Be
    On this 22nd of November, 1997, at 6:26 a.m. Nakaya Reyhan Melvin became that lifeform that would lead the world! This was also the day that my grandparents spoke to each other I do.
  • Period: to

    My lifetime so far.

    These are all the things that made a difference in my life. Anything on this timeline was a huge factor in building me.
  • Moving on my own

    Moving on my own
    On this day, I made my first steps...and it happened right AFTER my birthday party. I had slept during my whole party and then after everyone left, I held onto my daddy's shoulder and made those 1st remarkable steps.
  • A Sad, sad, time

    On this day, my grandma, Clara May, took a last breath of air, as she lay in peace. Finally.
  • Potty trained

    Potty trained
    I learned how to use the big girls and boys toilet!
  • My first baby sibbling (Sister)

    My first baby sibbling (Sister)
    Little Rascal the First entered into my life at 6:38 that morning. Her name is Yakira Anais Thomas.
  • I Can ride my bike!

    I Can ride my bike!
    It was this spring that I learned how to ride my bike without training wheels.
  • I can read

    I can read
    I learned how to read, before I went into kindergarden.
  • My Baby brother is here!

    My Baby brother is here!
    On April 4th, 2005 My little brother became, well, my little brother. It was at 6:26 p.m. His name is Zymere Lashaun Cooper.
  • 302 blue street to 2704 Larry street

    302 blue street to 2704 Larry street
    On this day I left the Mount Sinai housing area and the school "Margaret Willis" to move to the house which I'm at now and attend Cumberland Road Montessori School. (This is a picture of my current house.)
  • Babysitting

    I babysat for the first time when I was 8.
  • I lost a body part!

    I lost a body part!
    I got a tonsillectomy which made me miss a whole week of school. When I got back, it seemed like EVERYONE knew about me losing my tonsils.
  • Garage Fire

    Garage Fire
    One Christmas, I got a breathe taking call... The person on the other line was my grandma. She told me that my grandpa and aunt were involved in a turkey fire. My aunt jumped out the window, but my grandfather suffered from harsh 3rd degree burns.
  • First Phone

    First Phone
    When I was in 4th grade, I recieved a phone for Christmas. It was cut off after a week!
  • My allergies DISCOVERED

    My allergies DISCOVERED
    Two days previous, I took a allergy test and found out that I am allergic to: wheat, soy, eggs, nuts, bananas, fish [after 24 hours old] rice, & dairy. I am also allergic to: horses, cats, dogs, coakroaches, bees, wasps, all types of grass, all types of trees, molds and mildews.
  • Another sad Chistmas

    Another sad Chistmas
    On this day, my cousin fell off the back of a truck and was hurt really bad.
  • The 3rd Christmas

    The 3rd Christmas
    On this day, for the 3rd Christmas in a row, my daddy was in a car accident. His car was totaled. He had nothing happen to him but his girlfriend at the time, Tanisha Canteen, was knocked on cautios temporarily. At this point, I really felt hopeless and was NOT looking forward to the Christmas to come [the Christmas of 2010].
  • James and Tanisha Melvin

    James and Tanisha Melvin
    On this day my father, James Lopaz Melvin, married his love of his life, Tanisha Lashaun Canteen.