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Timeline created by 5thgradeclass
  • Jaeden conflict

    When I was toddler, I used to hangout in Washington Heights and I never understood there language
  • Jaeden Community

    When my mom and I went to Ohio we visited restaurants. This shows a way of community by we were just talking to each other not other people. We also did not walk around we just came to eat.
  • Alexa Conflict

    When I went to Italy, I was 4 and did not understand why there were so many Roman artifacts and monuments there. It was very confusing, and I could not comprehend why there were many Roman buildings. That is how I experienced conflict.
  • Alexa Community

    I have experienced community by going to France with family. I visited Paris, but did not have any conflict there.
  • Lily Community

    One example of community I've experience is an Italian festival. It involved food, music and stores that were Italian. This is an example of community because it was multiple cultures with little interaction. Something from another country is a good example for community. There is no confusion or clashing, however they aren't working together.
  • Nina Conflict

    Once, I read a book about a Spanish tradition. The tradition was where men dressed in white and with a red sash would run down a street in Barcelona. Then, a bull is let out. And it chases them! I really do not nderstand this, at all. It is like they are setting themselves up for a death trap!
  • Lily Conflict

    My personal example of conflict is when I was reading a British book. one of there spelling is slightly different. This was when I was a bit younger so I didn't really know. These words just seemed misspelled. It isn't an example about fighting. Sometimes conflict is just simple confusion or difference rather then fighting. This mix up of words is definitely showing conflict.
  • Nina Community

    When I went to London, I interacted with others, of course. But, I did not learn directly from them. I also didn't get to know them at all, either. I mean, yes I did go to some museums and historical monuments. But, I didn't directly learn from them, as I wish I had.
  • Coleman Cooperation

    One time when my sister's international night where everybody did a dance for their culture. In the cafeteria, we had certain foods for each culture. In my example people where sharing their ideas and culture
  • Nina Cooperation

    Over the summer, I went to Quebec. I learned all about the history of French Canada from my mom's family there. I learned about their connections with the British. We got to see great sights and and do things people from Canada would do on a regular day. Besides, Quebec is a city of Cooperation because of its strong ties with other nationalities.
  • Lily Cooperation

    Involvement in theater, dance, a recital or a show from another country can be an example of cooperation. I was in a show over the summer that involved Indian and Bollywood dancing. The cast learned about dances from other cultures. I learned from another country and used my knowledge to perform. Indian dancing isn't what I usually dance so it was new to me. Learning from other countries is a form of cooperation.
  • Alexa Cooperation

    A few years after I went to France, I learned that the place I had stayed in used to be a Zoroastrian temple. I was fascinated and wanted to learn more. That is how I experienced cooperation.
  • Coleman Conflict

    One time I read about some cultures in Africa peirce their lips and stretch them to do this. Even though I find this unusual, this is a common thing in Africa.
  • Jaeden Cooperation

    When ever I go to the park I always use cooperation. I use it by meeting new people and playing with them.
  • Coleman Comunity

    Every afternoon, I pass through a Jewish school. And even if we are close together we do not interact. Gregory school is near this school but they do not interact and share ideas.