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  • 1809 New Granada (Ecuador)

    Quito 1809 In 1809 the first Sovereign Board of Government was held where the representatives of the main neighborhoods of Quito elected their leaders, and there was the first call for independence.
  • MAY 25, 1810 Rio de la Plata

    This event lasted a week, and took place in Buenos Aires (Argentina).
    The Revolution that freed the provinces of the Río de la Plata from viceregal authority and the Spanish crown.
    in total there were 3 failed attempts.
  • SEP 18, 1810 Primera Junta Nacional del Gobierno el Chile

    The establishment of the first National Government Board in 1810 is commemorated.
    This event marks a precedent for Chile to start the road to definitive Independence.
  • 1811 Río de la Plata (Uruguay)

    The first siege of Montevideo took place between May 1811 and October 1011, when the units of the River Plate Province failed to siege the city of Montevideo, which was still controlled by Spanish loyalists.