timeline of latin american independence

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  • 1,825 BCE


    Independent national states. It began with the proclamation of Sovereign
    Boards in 1809. Some of them - especially the first that of Quito - were
    repressed by fire and blood by the Spanish authorities. The process
    continued until it became a true continental war
  • 1,822 BCE

    José de San Martín

    Guayaquil July 26th & 27th, 1822
    Complete freedom of AmericaRoyalist in Peru
  • Ecuador

    1809: quito frst Call for independence
    1810: Quito massacre
  • Chile

    1810: First Junta September 18th
    1818: Royalist victory Cancha Rayada
  • Argentina, Paraguay & Uruguay

    1810: Buenos Aires 3 failed attempts
    1811: Asunción Spontaneous Revolution set Paraguay free
  • Chile

    1814: Royalist victory in Rancagua O' Higgins ran away to Mendoza Argentina
    1817: O' Higgins &San Martín crossed the Andes mountains
    Battle of Chacabuco
  • Argentina, Paraguay & Uruguay

    1816: San Martín United Provinces of South America Federalists
    vs. Centralists
    1825: Uruguay entered in a war with Brazil
  • New Granada y Venezuela

    1817: Bolívar, Piar, Páez and others reactivated the war.
    1818: Bolivar faced and defeated Morillo in Calabozo.
  • Ecuador

    1820: independence of Guayaquil
    1822: Patriot Army led by Antonio jose de Sucre
  • Peru

    1820: San Martín leaves Chile
    July 5th, 1821 San Martín arrives to Lima
  • New Granada & Venezuela

    1819:Acrossed the Andes, in Pantano de Vargas battle, the independence of new Granada was sealed .
    1821: A venezuelas victory in the battle og carabobo gave venezuela its Independence
  • Central America

    Guatemala provinces
    United Provinces of the Center America
  • Peru

    1821: July, 28th San Martín Declares the Independence
    1824: Battle of Junin Battle of Ayacucho
  • Central America

    Capital:City of guatemala
    1824:Central America Federal Republic
  • Independence war End

    1824: Bolívar SucreVictory in Peru1825: Sucre 1825: Sucre Upper Peru - Bolivia
  • Central America

    1838: Jose Francisco Morazan separation
    1838-1840:Civil War
  • Central America

    1841: England invded Belized
    1904: Panama part of the Viceroyalty of new Granada
  • Cuba

    1848: Scream of Yara
    first war of independence ten Year or big war
  • Simón Bolivar

    Liberator, President of Gran Colombia
    Take command of an expedition to Peru
    Battle of Junin Battle of Ayacuch
  • Cuba

    1898: The Us declares war on Spain
    1899: Cuba proclaimed its independece