linea del tiempo harold

Timeline created by harold zapata
  • 2,011 BCE

    grado de 5

    in 2011 I graduated from fifth grade with effort and many scolding
  • 2,006 BCE


    I started studying at the yisfred institute at the age of 5 and my college adventure began
  • nacimiento

    Harold Andres Zapata Ospina was born in 2001, the son of Mildred Durfay Ospina and Harold Lever Zapata
  • tristeza

    When I was 3 years old my father unfortunately dies, staying with my mother and my 2 brothers
  • bachillerato

    As of the year 2012, my high school stage begins, raising the level of education and where my first stumbles would begin
  • tropiesos

    at the age of 12 I lose my first year at school due to learning issues
  • mi primer certificado

    On July 26 I received a certificate of basic mechanics which I love to learn about engines and I did a course to know the basics of this
  • meta

    This year I am going to fulfill my goal which is to graduate from college with a lot of effort and thanking my family for helping me
  • future

    Later I would like to study mechanics more deeply since it is like a pleasure that I have to be able to repair engines myself