Love Simon

Timeline created by Helene Oksvik
In Film
  • introductions

    We first got to know Simon through min telling us about himself, his friends and family. As well as him telling us his gay.
  • getting to know Blue

    Simon reads an anonymous email by a guy that uses Blue as his cover name, where he tells everyone about him being gay. Simon, therefore, starts to write back to Blue about the same things only he goes by the name Jaquez.
  • martin reads Simons emails

    Martin read Simon and blues emails and confronts Simon with them and blackmails him by telling him that if he doesn’t help him with a girl named Abby (witch by the record is Simon's best friend) He will leak all their emails.
  • Halloween party

    Bram is hosting a Halloween party where nick dresses up as John Lennon. Simon doesn’t really like parties but decides to go to this one in the hope of seeing Bram. He thinks for him selves that maybe it is Bram that is blue and sending all the email, but this turns around when Simon sees him kissing another girl.
  • Date Night

    Simon invites Abby and Martin on a “date” to a waffle house to read lines for the school musical. Sort of as an excuse to get Abby and martin together so he won’t leak the emails.
  • Simon tells Abby hes secret

    In the car on the way home from the “date” Simon pulls over and tells Abby his secret. That he’s gay. Abby takes this very good and this affects their relationship in a better way.
  • Homecomming

    Closer to Christmas, the homecoming game is being held. This is the time where martin decides to declare his love to Abby even though they have never been together alone. He, therefore, interrupts the national anthem by taking the mice and hold a speech to Abby in front of the whole school that he loves her. Abby sadly turns him down and Martin ends up running over the whole court into the woods.
  • Martin lecks Simons Emails

    Martin goes home and posts all the emails Simon and Blue has been sending to the whole school. Simon doesn't see this until his best friend Leah calls him and asks if it's true. Simons Whole life falls apart when he sees the emails. Mostly because he's angry that he didn't get the chance to tell anyone him selves.
  • betrayal

    The next day Simon picks his friends up before school like they always used to, but this time it was different. Leah, Abby, and Nick had already met up and stood on the sidewalk, talking. They had found out everything Simon did for Abby and Martin to end up together. Like telling Nick (that also liked Abby) that she had a boyfriend in college, so Nick would go after Leah instead even though Lea liked Simon.
  • Christmas Morning

    On Christmas morning while The Spiers opens their Christmas presents, Simon decides to tell his family that he's gay. His family didn't make a big fuss out of it they only got a little angry of themselves because they didn't realize it sooner.
  • Blocked

    Over the Holliday break, Blue has been on his cabin without internet with his father, this, therefore, means that he hasn’t seen everything that has happened on the Schools tumbler page, about Simons emails being leaked and everything.
    Simon keeps on sending Blue emails anyway to explained what happened, but when blue saw the emails he sent a long email to Simon how he didn’t want to be exposed so they couldn't talk to each other anymore.
  • Email to Blue

    On a Sunday morning, Simon writes a lengthy email to blue. He says he knows who blue is on the inside, even if he doesn’t know who he exactly is in real life. Simon says that he wants to take chances and put his heart on the line now. He confesses that he really likes Blue and truly wants to get to know him. Simon writes that there's a carnival tonight; he'll be there at 6:30 P.M., and he hopes Blue will come.
  • The carousel

    After the cabaret the same day, Simon, Leah, Abby, and Nick went to the carnival to see if Blue would turn up. He buys as many tickets as he can afford and gets on the carousel. As time goes by and nobody turns up, he loses his confidence and starts to worry if nobody will show, but by the time the carousel guy calls up the last ride, Bram turns up and asks if he can join.
  • Trip to school

    Simon gets in his car and starts to drive to school, on his way he first picks up nick then Leah. they take their annual trip to the coffee shop and orders. 5 ice coffees as they always do before they pick up Abby. The only thing that has changed now is that they have one more person in the car, Bram.