Mac Computer Timeline

Timeline created by aidaarias24
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    1977 saw the invention of both the Apple II and the famous rainbow Apple logo. Steve Jobs added the colors to the logo to reflect the Apple II’s superior color output. Color graphics set the Apple II apart from its rivals on the market.
  • Apple III

    Apple III
    This next iteration of the Apple computer for business was created primarily to compete with business computing companies like IBM.
  • Apple IIE

    Apple IIE
    The Apple IIE keyboard was built in to the computer and did away with the numeric keypad.
  • Lisa/MacintoshXL

    While Lisa won the legendary race between itself and the Macintosh by being the first desktop computer to market with an intuitive GUI, it flopped with the public due to sticker shock at its $10,000 price tag and a lack of software titles.
  • Apple IIC

    Apple IIC
    The Apple IIC represented Apple’s first attempt at both a portable computer and “out-of-the-box” functionality. The only problem with classifying the IIC as a “portable” computer is the fact that it lacked a portable power supply.
  • Macintosh

    The Macintosh, for most of us, was the computer that started it all. In the first demonstration of the product at MacWorld, Steve Jobs pulled the very first Macintosh out of the bag and demonstrated product features that most of us take for granted now.
  • Apple IIGS

    Apple IIGS
    The first 50,000 of these came with Steve Wozniak’s signature silkscreened on the front.
  • Macintosh Plus

    Macintosh Plus
    The Plus version of the Macintosh originally featured the same beige colour as the original Macintosh, but in 1987 was changed to the warm gray Platinum colour that would characterize Apple computers for years to come.
  • Macintosh SE

    Macintosh SE
    Space for an internal hard disk and advanced SCSI support were some of the selling features of the SE.