Major Battles of the War of 1812

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  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle of Lake Erie
    The Battle of Lake Erie, also known as the Battle of Put-In-Bay, was a naval engagement between British forces and American forces during the War of 1812. The United States Navy defeated and captured six British vessels of the Royal Navy. The Battle of Lake Erie was one of the biggest naval engagements in the War of 1812.
  • Battle of Bladensburg and Burning of Washington

    Battle of Bladensburg and Burning of Washington
    The British forces under General Robert Ross overcame American forces at the Battle of Bladensburg, Maryland, on August 24, 1814, and from there marched unopposed towards the U.S. national capital of Washington, D.C. They occupied Washington and set on fire public buildings including the White House. On August 26, General Ross ordered a withdrawal and President Madison returned to Washington and vowed to rebuild the city.
  • Battle of For McHenry

    Battle of For McHenry
    The Battle of Baltimore and the British siege of Fort McHenry took place on September 13th and 14th in 1814 amid the larger War of 1812. The war was between the United States and the British forces. The war ended with a successful defense of Baltimore and restoration of American pride especially after the burning of Washington, D.C.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    The Battle of New Orleans was the final major battle waged in the War of 1812. The battle was one of the biggest and most decisive engagements that prevented the British from seizing New Orleans and other territory acquired through the Louisiana Purchase agreement. The war came to an end when the British retreated on January 18.