Major Events from 1800-1876

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  • The election of 1800

    Jefferson won the election of 1800 against Aaron Burr.
  • Louisiana Purchase is bought

    The Louisiana Purchase was bought by Jefferson for 15 million from France.
  • Period: to

    Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr

    Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr duel over the conflict of Hamilton making rude remakes about Burr and it was resolved in a duel. Hamilton was shot and killed and Burr was tried for first-degree murder.
  • 12th Ammendemnt

    The 12th Amendment was created, making the electors of the Electoral College use their two votes, one for the President and one for the Vice President.
  • Act of Prohibiting importation of Slaves

  • Election of 1808

    James Madison won the Election of 1808.
  • Battle of Tippecanoe

  • America Declares War on Great Britain

  • Battle of Fort McHenry

  • Treaty of Ghent

  • James Monroe Wins the Presidency

  • Convention of 1818

  • Panic of 1819

  • Missouri Compromise

    This document claimed Maine was a free state and Missouri was a slave state, to maintain equality.
  • Election of 1824

    John Quincy Adams won the election of 1824
  • Election of 1828

    Andrew Jackson won the election of 1828.
  • Harriet Tubman escapes slavery

  • Period: to

    The American Civil War

  • Emancipation Proclamation