Mary MacKillop

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In History
  • Argument with the bishop of Adelaide

    In 1871 Mary was excommunicated because of an argument with the Bishop of Adelaide,
  • To get her order approved

    She travelled to Rome by sea in 1873-74 to have the rule of her Order approved by the Pope himself.
  • Canonisation of Mary MacKillop

    Canonisation of Mary MacKillop was begun in 1925.
  • Ensured of her canonisation

    in December 2009 of a second miracle, also a woman being cured of cancer, ensured Mary’s path to Canonisation.
  • Officially canonised

    On Sunday, October 17, 2010, Mary MacKillop became Australia’s first declared Saint, she was canonised by Pope Benedict XVI in St Peter’s Square, Rome.
  • Period: to

    Date of birth and death

    She was born in Fitzroy, Melbourne January 15, 1842 and died in North Sydney on August 8, 1901.